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Sigy Joy
Name:Sigy Joy

SHM with the cutest kid ever.

A frame to cherish

I loved this purchase. It's an adorable frame I bought for my son. We have our Diwali picture in it. This frame will surely hold a special place coz each time I look at the frame, I can see a smile on my and my husband's face. It's the cutest frame we have.


Bright Colors

Cute designs

Pop up designs



Magnet quality average

Nov 09 2019
Best organic toothpaste

Recently bought the toothpaste for my baby boy. What made me buy this toothpaste is coz of it's all natural ingredients and it is fluoride free which gave me the confidence to go ahead with the purchase and I am happy I made this. It tastes good and I am not worried much as there is no toxins getting in to his body. Happy baby and happy mother during brush time.


Natural formulation


Tastes good



Nov 09 2019
Best activity gym

This gym was my baby's first ever gift we bought him. We got this even before my son turned 1 month old. I can't stress enough to all the mommas there with little ones that this is a must have product. It's a top quality product and all the items is durable. This gym kept my baby busy and helped him explore his hands and legs and eyes. Kept him stimulated when I get tired. Babe will stay engaged in this gym for a long time while I could have some me time. The music is soothing so when he kicks then piano both you and baby can relax.


Machine washable

Includes prop pillow

Multi-sensory toys

Baby melodies

Special features

Nov 09 2019
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