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shreya gautam
Name:shreya gautam


A must buy for infants

I have been using this cup for my 2 year old daughter for more than 3 months now. Its a great option to use in the transition phase. And since the rim isn't hard, there's no fear of babies hurting themselves like they do from a regular glass. Also, no spillage is a super bonus. It's easy to clean and use. Highly recommended

Mar 18 2020
Soothing and gentle

The oil in itself is very soothing as it has olive oil and sweet almond oil.. Those are the best ingredients for baby's massage.. Doesn't leave your hands or baby's skin sticky after use. I am using for my younger one who has sensitive skin and this oil didn't harm her at all.

Dec 03 2019
One of the best ones

I have tried a lot of diaper rash creams in the past but my main worry has always been the chemicals used in them. This one is so far one of the best ones I used.. Very effective and completely fragrance free. It's very good fro sensitive skin like my baby has.

Dec 03 2019
Love the fragrance

I absolutely love the way it smells. I can be completely worry free considering it has no chemicals. I have been using it for my younger one and it lasts an entire day without leaving the skin with a sticky feel.. It's a boon for the harsh winter days. Will totally recommend it..

Dec 03 2019
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