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Oct 04 2020

Are they washable?

Deals India Stuffed Tiger And Caterpillar Combo is washable.

Apr 27 2020

Can we wash the Disney Lazy Pooh Soft Toy?

Yes, the soft toy is washable.

Oct 02 2020

Does CuddlyCoo Baby And Toddler Swing have an adjustable rope?

Rana Mandal

Yes, you can adjust the height of the rope.

Oct 03 2020

Can we adjust the rope height?

Deb Behera

Yes, we can adjust the rope height of CuddlyCoo Hammock Swing.

Apr 17 2020

Does Fiddle Diddle Baby Bouncer Cum Rocker have vibration and music functions?

Shruti Arora

Yes, you can activate the vibrator and music by pressing the respective buttons.

Oct 03 2020

Is Mothertouch Baby Bouncer With Safety Harness available in different colors?

Yes, the bouncer is available in light green, dark gray, and coffee brown.

Oct 03 2020

Is the seat of NHR Plastic Horse Ride On comfortable to use?

Ashwini habib

Yes, the ride-on has a broad base for a comfortable sitting position.

Oct 02 2020

Is Toyshine Newborn To Toddler Vibrating Rocker Chair made of cotton?

Deb Behera

No, the rocker fabric is made of cotton and polyester blend.

Sep 09 2020

Can we fold the organizer pouch of Lost & Found Floral Printed Diaper Backpack With Organiser Pouch?

Shikha Shah

Yes, we can fold the pouch easily once it is empty.

Sep 11 2020

Can we remove the shoulder strap of the Baby Kingdom Diaper Bag With Changing Mat?

Yes, the shoulder strap can be removed or attached easily.

Sep 03 2020

Does Diaper Bag Set Dot Print Brown have an adjustable strap?


Yes, the bag set comes with an adjustable strap that helps carry the bag on your shoulders.

Sep 23 2020

Is LuvLap 2 Way Baby Carrier Blossom suitable for 1-year-olds?

Yes, the carrier is suitable for a one-year-old.

Sep 19 2020

Does the carrier have a front pocket?

Dia Jain

Yes, Babyhug Kangaroo Pouch 3 Way Baby Carrier comes with a front mesh pocket.

Sep 10 2020

Is 1st Step 6 In 1 Baby Carrier With Hip Seat and Safety Belts washable?

Yes, the carrier is machine washable.

Aug 13 2020

Can R for Rabbit Jumping Jack Forward Facing Car Seat be used as a booster seat?

Ayush shivayogi

The car seat can be used as a booster seat for a little one who is above 6 years and has a weight of 25 to 36 kg.

Sep 17 2020

Does the LuvLap City Baby Stroller Buggy have an adjustable footrest?

Yes, the stroller comes with an adjustable footrest that can be moved upward or downward as per your baby's needs.

Mar 18 2020

What material is used to make the Babyhug Urban 4 in 1 High Chair?

Zeba Khan

The chair is made out of plastic and metal material.

Jan 22 2020

Does Sebamed Baby Massage Oil solidify in cold weather?

No, the massage oil is formulated such that it is non-sticky and doesn't solidify in cold weather.

Mar 18 2020

Does Tiger Balm Mosquito Repellent Patch work indoor?

The patch works both indoor and outdoor.

Mar 04 2020

Is Pigeon Strawberry Toothpaste safe if swallowed?

Likitha Jaju

The toothpaste is formulated to prevent tooth decay by promoting healthy gum. It is fluoride-free, and even if it is accidentally swallowed, it is safe.

Mar 18 2020

Is CMBEAR Pain-Free Double Electric Breast Pump safe to use?

Sameera Arora

The breast pump is FDA approved and made using BPA-free material.

Aug 09 2020

Is Himalaya Herbals Baby Powder available in different sizes?

It is available in 100 g, 200 g and 400 g.

Aug 03 2020

How often should you clean the Pigeon Pacifier Step 1?

Clean the pacifier before and after each use. Follow the cleaning instructions to clean it thoroughly.

Jun 06 2020

Is Babyhug Dolce Vita 3-in-1 High Chair available in different colors?


No, the chair is available in a single color, green, only.

Jun 13 2020

Does VParents Infant Baby Swing Cradle with Mosquito Net Spring provide good aeration to the baby?

Pavani Karthik

Yes, the swing is designed in a way where your baby feels comfortable and enjoys an easy-airflow space. It is made out of breathable fabric.

Apr 21 2020

What is the photo size that fits in the space provided in Kalacaree Fly High with Aeroplane Theme Magnetic Photo Frame?

The photo size that fits in the space of the frame is 2 x 3 inches. It can fit a landscape photo.

Jun 18 2020

What is the price of Mom & World Baby Wash - Tear Free Gentle Cleansing For Hair & Body?

Arushi Rajvanshi

The price of this product is Rs. 399.

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