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Ayush shivayogi
Name:Ayush shivayogi


overnight protection

Iam very much impressed with the diaper, i have tried many other diapers but none met my expectations i always wanted overnight protection because i dont want my kid to get disturbed in between sleep, and this Mamaearth diaper absorbing capacity is awesome, worth buying it, infact i suggest for every moms to try these for their kiddos.




Environmental friendly

No skin irritation


Oct 30 2020
Best diaper for baby

Iam using merries diaper ever since fron 6 months and iam totally impressed it absorption is good and fits very well for kids, its also rash free and very comfortable to wear. iam using it for my 2 year old baby. 1 full night amd no leakage. made up of pure and hygiene cotton.



Fresh cotton feel

Hugs baby's waist


Rash free

Good absorption

Aug 12 2020
Ayush shivayogi
Dec 04 2020

Does Mee Mee Baby Bibs have a pocket collector?

Yes, the bib comes with a pocket that collects food crumbs.

Ayush shivayogi
Dec 04 2020

Can I add an extra camera to the Defender Baby Monitor?

Yes, you can add an extra camera to the device.

Ayush shivayogi
Dec 01 2020

Can adults use Mamaearth Deeply Nourishing Wash?


Yes, adults can use this nourishing wash.

Ayush shivayogi
Nov 01 2020

What is the expiry date of Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash?

The expiry date of the face wash is 2 years from the date of manufacturing.

Ayush shivayogi
Nov 04 2020

How long can we store opened Happa Apple Puree?


Once the pack is opened, consume it within 48 hrs.

Ayush shivayogi
Oct 18 2020

What is the shelf life of BabyStaples Quinoa Khichdi?


The khichdi comes with a shelf life of 4 months.

Ayush shivayogi
Nov 01 2020

Can Lotus Herbals Happy Bums Diaper Rash Cream be used for any rash area of the baby body?

Gungun Jain

No, the cream is to be used only for diaper exposed skin.

Ayush shivayogi
Oct 03 2020

What material is used to make the animal finger puppets?


Kuhu Creations Animal Finger Puppets are made of velvet material.

Ayush shivayogi
Sep 05 2020

Can I use the Ehomekart Toilet Training Chair as a normal chair?

Yes, it can be used as a normal chair.

Ayush shivayogi
Aug 22 2020

Can we adjust the height of the Babyhug Tiny Trotter Musical Walker?

nayan khu

Yes, we can adjust the height to 2 levels by sliding the slider underneath the walker base.

Ayush shivayogi
Jul 10 2020

How many bottles can Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer sterilize at a time?

Veenu Arora

It can sterilize 6 bottles of 300 ml capacity at a time.

Ayush shivayogi
Aug 08 2020

Do I need to apply moisturizer after using Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream?

No, applying moisturizer after using face cream is not necessary.

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