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Really good for skin

I've used Huggies for my baby and it was too good for her. Initially it started giving some elastic marks then I applied coconut oil before every application of the diaper and it turns out good. It's cost effective as well and since it is economical and good for skin. New moms can opt this.

Feb 01 2020
Apt for babies that was breastfed earlier

I initially used other products for my breastfed baby. She did not even suck the milk a bit. My colleague told me about this and I went on and grabbed one to give a try. To my surprise she loved it the 3rd time itself. The nipple mimics the real nipple of the mother and so the baby will not have nipple confusion. Go for it mamma

Feb 01 2020
Excellent Supplement for Lactation

I bought this product and I fell in love with it! It helped me a lot and was a life saver. I drank it twice a day initially and now I'm drinking it once a day. It is highly effective and when you start drinking a lot of water added to it, the milk overflows. This is the best Natural supplement without any side effect. Some of the effect which I had was dieruteic. You tend to urinate quite often because of the natural ingredient shatavari which is basically asparagus root.

Jan 06 2020
Recommended for fussy babies

The silicone pacifiers for the babies is good for the infant babies that seek soothing from the mother. I use it for my baby when she got vaccinated and it helped her cope up the pain. I don't use it during she is hungry or wide awake to prevent getting airy.

Dec 15 2019
Perfect for Instant Rash removal

The desitin rash cream for babies is highly recommended for the rash appearing in the skin of babies. Just take a few drops and on application of every pamper please apply the ointment in the affected area. You will start to see the difference in the first day it self for baby

Dec 15 2019
Really good for skin

It's too good. I've been using. For my 2 month old daughter. It's mild and tear free. Ph balanced is one good thing that retains moisture of the skin and thus eliminates dryness of the skin. I use it every alternative day and so far the baby soft skin retained as it is

Dec 14 2019
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