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A soothing body lotion!

I've been using the body lotion for my son from the past couple of months and particularly in the winter, it's a total boon for dry skin! It also has a soothing fragrance and calms my son after a barh. Definitely recommend it as it keeps my baby's skin hydrated and moisturized!

Dec 11 2019
No rashes, just a happy bum!

I've predominantly cloth-diapered my son to safeguard him from getting rashes. But even then his bum would get really dry or have marks from the diaper. So when I started using the diaper rash cream, I found the skin would be more supple and soft , also baby would be less cranky during diaper change!t and

Dec 11 2019
Massage for bonding !

Massaging a baby is a great bond between a baby and a mom! So as a new mom, I'd make sure I was the one massaging my baby. The lotus herbal massage oil is non-greasy and absorbs so well! It's easy to apply and makes massage a great experience for both mom and baby

Dec 11 2019
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