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No Skin Irritation

Mama earth Plant Based Diaper Pants is an environmental friendly diaper as it is biodegradable. The diaper has add on advantages like wetness indicator, breathable back sheet, no leak cuffs and much more which makes the product unique. About the absorption. It keeps the baby dry for more than 10 hours which is really good.



No harmful chemicals



High price`

Oct 28 2020
Mar 11 2021

Can I position the arms of Marvel Thor?


Yes, you can position the arms and legs of the toy.

Feb 05 2021

Do Hot Wheels Monster Trucks ride on the road?

murthy nvv

The trucks ride on the off-road.

Feb 06 2021

What material is used to make Funko Harry Potter?


The toy is made of vinyl material.

Jan 13 2021

Can I time the Philips Avent Steamer and Blender?

Madhubhai Gajera

Yes, you can time the steamer.

Jan 13 2021

Is Joie Muze Stroller available in different colors?

Anjali Surana

Yes, the stroller is available in red and black.

Jan 03 2021

Does Ardo Gold Cream have preservatives?

No, the cream is formulated without preservatives.

Jan 02 2021

How many soothers can I place in Clevamama Soother Sterilizer?

The sterilizer can hold 6 soothers at a time.

Jan 02 2021

What is the shelf life of Cow & Gate First Infant Milk?

Deepak Verma

The formula feed needs to be consumed within 4 weeks of opening the pack or before expiry, whichever is earlier.

Jan 02 2021

Does e-raorganics Talc-free Powder contain paraben?

No, the powder is formulated without paraben, parfum, and other harmful chemicals.

Dec 05 2020

Can VLCC Anti Stretch Mark Cream remove the stretch mark on arms?

Asha Bellam

Yes, it can remove the stretch marks on any part of the body.

Dec 05 2020

Does Palmers Cocoa Butter Nursing Butter contain paraben?

Anjali srivastava

No, the nursing butter is free from paraben, mineral oil, and phthalates.

Dec 04 2020

Is Hydroxatone Celtrixa Lotion suitable for dry skin type?

Yes, the lotion is suitable for all skin types.

Dec 12 2020

Can I sterilize Maymom Spare Parts?

You can simply place the parts in boiling water for a few minutes and remove them safely.

Dec 05 2020

Does Mee Mee Baby chair skid?

Vineetha Jain

The chair comes with an anti-skid base that protects your kid from falling.

Dec 05 2020

Is Babyganics Sunscreen Lotion mineral based?

Madhumalti Patil

Yes, the sunscreen is formulated mineral base.

Dec 03 2020

Can 2-years-olds use Colgate Batman Toothpaste?


As per the manufacturer's suggestions, the toothpaste can be used for only 6+ years.

Dec 03 2020

What material is used to make Pigeon Comb & Brush?

Vishnu Vardhan

The brush is made of polypropylene, nylon material, and the comb is made of polypropylene material.

Dec 05 2020

: Is Vicks Baby Rub available in different sizes?

Ira Joshi

Yes, it is available in 10 ml, 25 ml, and 50 ml.

Dec 03 2020

Does Baybee Amida Bath Tub come with the drain plug?

Mahesh Jharbade

Yes, the bathtub comes with a drain plug that helps to drain the water easily.

Aug 21 2020

What all comes in the Child World Baby Gift Set?

Neha Krishnan

The gift set includes a pair of booties and mittens, leggings, cap, blanket, and vest.

Nov 01 2020

Do the alphabets pop out?

Yes, they pop out from the mini tiles of the NHR Alphabet Puzzle Mat.

Oct 10 2020

Can we adjust the height of the Ok Play Basket Ball Stand?

Kriti Jain

Yes, you can adjust the height of the set to 4 levels.

Oct 03 2020

Is Nippon Basket Ball Set useful for 2-years-old?

Deb Behera

Yes, it is useful in developing muscle strength and the little one's overall growth.

Oct 10 2020

Is Minions Bowling Set made in India?

Shruti Arora

No, the bowling set is made in China.

Oct 10 2020

Can I deflate the Intex Inflatable Swimming Arm Bands?

Yes, you can inflate and deflate the swimming Arm Bands at your convenience.

Sep 10 2020

Is LuvLap 2 Way Baby Carrier Blossom suitable to carry your baby while driving a two-wheeler?


Carrying your baby in a carrier while driving a car or two-wheelers is not safe for the baby or you.

Mar 12 2020

Is my baby safe in Babyhug Fun Feast Highchair?


Yes, your baby is safe in this high chair. The chair comes with a safety harness belt that secures your little one and an anti-skid base to avoid tipping.

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