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Sangepu anjana Tejaswini
Name:Sangepu anjana Tejaswini

Mom of a 5 month old boy

Cottony soft daipers

In my veiw HUGGIES is the 1st daiper brand in india.being a mom in modren world its very difficult to choose the best huggies made it easy for me.these are very nice because old is gold😍😍... It absorbs for 8hours. Long lasting. No leakage on sides. My son was very comfortable❤❤ with its softness.. no rashes at all. I am using it day and Night time so that my son can comfortably sleeps well with out irritation. Very soft cotton . My son just loved it and i loved it beacuse of his healthy skin😀.thank u huggies


Fresh cotton feel

Hugs baby's waist


Rash free

Good absorption

Feb 01 2020
Its recommended to every mother no side effects

First of all Thanks to momjunction for sending this amazing products to mothers.I am a first time mother, when I deliver my baby my milk was not enough for my baby that time my friend suggested me zandu striveda and for the 1st day it self milk production was enough good and now my milk is enough for my baby I didn’t feeding him formula milk.


Natural and safe

Improves milk production

Tastes good

Easy to digest

Reasonably priced


None of the above

Jan 24 2020
Good choice

This is very easy and comfort to my baby. it has soft cotton material with fiber inside. it comes in cool colors and cute designs. its hood protects the baby from cool air . it can be used as multi-purpose while going out or in a swaddle or for holding etc. It is easily washable . Baby can be securely sleep in this. baby can not kick so easily as it has velcro strap so we can feed our baby easily in early age means (days baby). it is very soft . It is the best one.


Unisex color

Cute design

Soft on skin

Easy to wash

Perfect size

Dec 05 2019
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