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Sana Jabin
Name:Sana Jabin


Happy to use and definitely recommend

All the babies in the world are angels and looks so adorable. Taking their cute pictures and saving them as a memory is all that we do. This frame adds cherry to the cake. The frame is so colorful and attractive yet nice and compact. I love the airplane theme it's so so cute.

Nov 10 2019
Utility bag

For a new mom a diaper bag is a must have and this one serves the purpose as it has compartments for hassle free storage of everything a baby needs. It's nice and compact though not very compact but it's a good option to consider. Give it a try to be prepared for your baby needs.

Nov 10 2019
Happy to use and definitely recommend

As a mom the first thing that you are looking for is the comfort of the baby and this one does the job. The pant style diaper provides best coverage and dryness. One of the thing that can't be neglected is the tape its provided so the dirt is the diaper is safe and not spilled I really like that thing.

Oct 02 2019
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