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Sana  Salim
Name:Sana  Salim


Excellent walker

My baby loves to sit on this walker as he enjoys the toys in front of the walker. Handle at the back of the walker for the parents make it very easy to move it through.It has adjustable seat position.The musical toys on the walker develops the interest of the baby.


Generates interest to walk

Provides balance

Prevents falling

Improves cognitive development


Unsafe without supervision

Feb 28 2020
Comfortable carrier

I am using this product for a month now.It is so comfortable for both parents and the baby.The material is so soft for the babies.It is machine washable.The material is of good quality and i like to carry my baby in this carrier whenever i go out.My baby also enjoys in it.


Ergonomic design

Machine washable

Good quality

Supporting zipper

Breathable fabric

Easy to maintain

Padded shoulder straps

Feb 28 2020
Amazing bottle

I have been using this bottle ever since my baby is born. This is a nice bottle and it never leaks.The nipples are so soft and nice.The bottle as well as nipples get bit yellowish after few months but that is not big concern.It is microwave safe and bpa free.It is very easy to clean.


Odourless nipples

Good quality denim cover

Good capacity of the bottle

Good grip of the bottle

Bottle is not easily breakable

Feb 28 2020
Nourishing baby oil

I am in love this baby oil as it leaves baby skin nourished and soft. It is not at all sticky and is very good for babies bones. It has natural ingredients and leaves babies skin hydrated and fresh.It is very affordable and highly recommended by has lovely fragrance and is very mild on the skin


Non sticky

Mild fragrance


Natural ingredients

Strengthens bones


Feb 28 2020
Nice soap

I like this soap very much as this soap leaves the baby skin super soft and gentle.I also like the smell of the soap and this is tear free soap.This is very mild and has a nice fragrance.This soap is also budget friendly and retains moisture of the skin.It also doesnt burns the baby eyes.


Mild and gentle

Soft after wash

Locks moisture

Nice fragrance

Lasts long

Lathers well

Feb 28 2020
Soothing bath

I have used this product twice and it is a nice product. I liked its mild fragrance and also it is allergic free.It is budget friendly and and is very gentle on the skin but it made my baby skin dry so discontinued its use. It is budget friendly and not very expensive.


Gentle on skin

Lathers well

Mild fragrance

Soft and nourishing

Feb 28 2020
Very soothing

I used this product for my baby when he was suffering from cold and cough. I found it really effective and it was so soothing. This ointment is really nice and allergic free. It is really very safe for babies and give instant releif from cold and cough. It has nice pleasant smell.




Dermatologist tested

No skin touch

Easy fill


Not suitable for less quantities

Feb 28 2020
Mild shampoo

I am in love with this shampoo and using it ever since my baby is born. It is very mild and gentle and the baby scalp and it has so many natural ingredients which makes it so soft on the baby skin. It has mild fragrance and no tear is 100% soap free and this is what i love about this product.


100% soap-free

pH balanced formula

No-tear formula

Mild fragrance

Gentle on hair

No Parabens Preservative-free

Feb 28 2020
Brilliant rash cream

I have been using this daiper rash cream ever since my baby is born.It has aloe vera and almond oil in it and the reduces the redness at once.It is gentle on the skin and doesnt makes the baby skin dry at all.The helps reduce the rashes caused by daipers at once.



Paraben free

Fragrance free

Cruelty free

Gentle for skin

Soft and moisturizing


None of the above

Feb 28 2020
Super soft

Huggies are so soft and comfortable. They are pant style daipers which make them easy to wear. They help prevent rashes and have a good absorption. They last whole night giving my baby peaceful sleep.These daipers give soft cottony feel to the baby and baby sleeps comfortably whole night.I would definitely recommend these daipers.


Fresh cotton feel

Hugs baby's waist


Rash free

Good absorption

Feb 28 2020
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