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Samya  Ali
Name:Samya  Ali
Place:Jamshedpur , jharkhand

A simple n a loving girl..soon to be mommy 🙂

a perfect gift

Its indeed an awesome gift to any parent . relieves the parent of carrying the child all the time . child gets used to staying on bed and playing in its own too rather than being clingy all the time..its perfect for outings and especially for working moms. it can be sent along wid the child to the babysitter too..the child rocks to sleep easily


Lightweight and portable

Soft & sturdy walls

Thick base

Includes shading shed


Difficult to wash

Feb 18 2020
amazing product

My niece uses this walker. its indeed an amazing product for growing kids rather than handing them mobile phones and nonsensical gadgets which ruin their niece spends hours playing and roaming around in the house with this..i recommend this to everyone and would definitely have one for her own child in the upcoming months !


Generates interest to walk

Provides balance

Prevents falling

Improves cognitive development

Feb 18 2020
non teary formula

this wash with lavender and vanilla scents help baby relax, and with the soothing oat extract leaves baby’s delicate skin feeling clean and moisturized. it has the non teary formula which doesn't leave the baby teary eyed. Its Paraben-free and phthalate-free and is gentle enough for everyday use. i recommend it to all my friends.


Gentle on skin

Hypoallergenic and safe

Lathers well

Mild fragrance

Soft and nourishing

Reasonable price

Feb 15 2020
ideal for eczema

I have a 13 months niece . my sister has tried multiple oils for her daughter initially for 2 months. She has a extremely sensitive and has eczema. She was only on liquid paraffin oil from 45 days old to 6 months. I used to be sad that her skin is not like any other baby.. my sister started using this lal tail from last one year. Her skin is very soft and smooth. It has almost reduced her eczema medication now. I strongly commend this. we have a big satisfying heart now.. and extremely happy.


Non sticky

Mild fragrance


Natural ingredients

Strengthens bones


Feb 15 2020
The material of the Huggies brand of diapers was not as soft as the Pampers, but still felt like it was a good quality. Overall, the diaper felt thick and sturdy, like it could withstand anything a baby could put it through.

i recommend this to all my friends .I used this for my niece. it's very comfortable and absorbable... I will always buy huggies pants for my future baby.... thank you huggies . My personal favourite thing is there isn’t any marks after wearing this diaper , premium quality and long last.everyone can afford it


Fresh cotton feel

Hugs baby's waist


Rash free

Good absorption

Feb 15 2020
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