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Ur babeis dipers

This is a comfortable diaper for babies who want to sleep long hours here prevent rashes too. This has cotton on inside the diapers which soothes the ….. I really happy to use for my baby Its its helping to my baby in sleeping and playing time I recommend to all moms .

Feb 05 2020
Best for baby

Hi it so good for our baby Heth it help in baby cold problems easy to use easy to work and I will suggest to all mother's to take this to their childs so keep helth helthy to ur babeis.keep shope it. .....more options r avelible on online in all options it is verry good.

Jan 27 2020
Best for baby

Hi I m shajahan begum I have used it from 3 years it safe 101%safe for our kid and new broun baby allso I recommend to all mothers and my friends to use it for their kid moms trust first on it so all can use it it my trust my trust is mom trust

Dec 17 2019
Dec 17 2019

It is safe for new brown baby