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Sabina Kauser
Name:Sabina Kauser

I am a fun loving person. I love to try different things.

Good and helpful

I have been using it for last 1 year and m happy as I can go for my evening walk and shopping. It's safe and really a saviour. It was my sister's wedding and I kept him in the stroller and enjoyed. I can carry it in my car along with me and use it wherever I go.


Washable cushion

Padded harness

Front safety bar

Reversible handle

Mar 14 2020
Perfect moisturizer for baby

I have been using Aveeno Baby daily moisture lotion for more than a year and I am totally satisfied with the product. It's natural ingredients keeps my lil ones skin soft and irritation free. It's free from Paraben, Phtalate, Fragrance. It's Hypoallergenic and its suitable for sensitive skin. I use it on an everyday basis for my baby as it keeps his skin soft, smooth and healthy. Although it's a bit pricy but trust me it's Worth it. You won't regret after using it.



Paraben free

Fragrance free

Cruelty free

Gentle for skin

Soft and moisturizing.

Moisture lock for 24 hrs


None of the above

Mar 14 2020
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