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Rochelle Liu
Name:Rochelle Liu

Passionate about whatever I do, Enthusiastic, Mom to two, Homemaker.

Kid friendly toothpaste

Mamaearth Berry Blast toothpaste is very gentle on the gums and cleanses the baby's teeth, provides cavity protection, reduces bacterial regrowth and removes plaque. This baby-friendly toothpaste has no unwanted chemicals or any additives that also makes it safe if swallowed. Cute and attractive packaging makes children want to use it. Reasonably priced.

Nov 05 2019
Sweet smelling body wash

The body wash has just the perfect consistency and is a colorless gel. It's totally safe and gentle on baby skin for it is Paraben , SLS , Pthalates , Mineral Oil free formula. Also the content of Aloe Vera, Allantoin & vitamin E makes the skin soft and smooth after every bath and regular use. The tangy fragrance is mild and very refreshing. Keeps the baby fresh and sweet smelling.

Nov 05 2019
Fun choice!

Interesting and colorful set keeps the child engaged for quite long. Good quality and reasonably priced. Comes in a good quality packaging with a zip lock bag to restore once the child finishes playing. Easy to use and fun for adults to play along with children too. Good choice for kids between the ages of 2 - 5. My son loves it.

Nov 05 2019
Great buy

Such a great buy! I used it until my son was almost two. Comes with a detachable tray which is easy to remove and clean after each use. Compact and can easily be carried anywhere as the table section closes in making it like a bag. Safety harness can tend to get very dirty and the fabric is not too easy to clean.

Nov 05 2019

Excellent diaper quality. Great design and packaging. Does not give the baby a rash. Very happy with the diapers. Should tie up with more retail outlets.

Sep 29 2019
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