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Riya Malhotra
Name:Riya Malhotra


No irritation, itchiness, chemicals

This is first time I ordered from mom and world. This Mom & World natural baby soap, if made of natural products. It was kind on my baby’s eyes also. Did not experience much irritation on my baby. This is really soft and that's the most important thing needed for babies. Does not cause itchiness or problems like rashes and pimples. What attracted me towards this product at once is that it is made of natural products and does not involve any chemical color in it. Also the fragrance is really good. I really love this product and recommend you to buy this one for your baby.



No colors

Handmade soap


Gentle on baby skin

Suitable for all skin types

Jun 29 2020
Keeps the skin nourished and soft

Baby’s skin is so sensitive that's why it needs to be nourished with proper skin care products. This is first time I ordered from mom and world. I ordered baby nourishing lotion. Lotion is good and keeps the body soft for the next bath of the day. It is not at all sticky and oily and that’s what I need for my baby. It does not cause irritation to my baby. Also, I really like its fragrance. I just applied to my baby’s skin after the bath so, that it stays nourished for the whole day and not cause roughness. Earlier, i was afraid to try this on my baby’s skin as babies are most sensitive but I really adore these products. I would recommend this product for your baby as far as my experience is concerned.


Suitable for all skin types

No harmful chemicals

Jun 29 2020
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