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Makes baby bones strong

Love this product since it has goodness of sweet almond and olive oil.. regular massage with this makes baby's bones strong as well as increases blood circulation in babies.. it's chemical free and gets absorbed really well without spoiling the clothes.. would recommend this to all moms to massage their kids with this oil

Dec 13 2019
Heals rashed quickly

This cream is very useful and heals the rashes quickly and relieves pain in also reduces redness caused due to rashes... it also prevents occurrence of new's chemical free and safe for babies...easy to handle tube, so i always keep it in my has no harmful effects on babies delicate skin

Dec 12 2019
Non greasy and keeps skin soft

Loved the baby lotion as it gets absorbed really well and locks skin moisture keeping the skin soft all day's non greasy and does not spoil clothes..i love the's not like other lotions which contain chemicals..this one is paraben free ... sometimes I apply it for myself also to pamper my skin..

Dec 12 2019
Excellent body wash for babies

absolutely love the smell of this amazing body wash which is so gentle and moisturising as well. Really happy to be receiving this sample from momjunction. I want to try other products also baby's skin never felt so soft and I feel this body wash gives a natural bath to her

Dec 04 2019
Lathers well and leaves hair soft

Such an amazing product from mamaearth....this shampoo is so good for my baby....smell is so good....i want to gift to my friend's children also...mamaearth kit is amazing and better than other baby brands in the market...lovely product range and easy on the pocket tooo....niceee

Dec 04 2019
Perfect for kids

I never thought my kid would start enjoying the paste so much that I never have to tell him anymore to brush his teeth....he is addicted to the toothpaste because of its taste and nothing can make me more happy than having my child to brush with so much interest

Dec 04 2019
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