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3 in 1 product for toddlers

When my niece turned 9 months I gifted her this Walker.I blindly trust fisher price because of its quality and attractive products.This Walker is 3 in 1 Walker. 1-it improves their balance and grip 2-as it’s colourful you can make your kid learns colour in a play way method. 3- kids can also learn shapes as well. The music develops interest in kids to touch and press again and again.For toddler it’s very eye catchy because it’s colourful and toddlers loves colours.When tired walking using Walker, toddlers can be occupied for some more time by playing with shapes and colours.

Feb 09 2020
Drink and see the miracle happening

All the would be mom or a lactating mother this product is a must as it increases the flow of milk.Keeping our lifestyle and the food we intake is insufficient in producing milk for babies,in that case this helps a lot.As we reach into 3 trimester we start searching and collect information about what product is best for baby.Having various options it stands on top among other brands Satavari available bcz it’s made by Zandu.I ahve tried various other brands satavri but that caused gastric and some dint suit me and dint give the best result.So all newly moms blindly buy this and enjoy lactating you little one.

Dec 23 2019
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