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Richa Gupta
Name:Richa Gupta


Good taste.

Mamaearth berry blast toothpaste for kids: now my kiddo enjoys his toothbrush time a lot. The flavour of the tooth paste is kids friendly and there is no harm even if they swallow as it is completely flouride and SLS free. it is formulated with high quality ingredients like xylitol,alie and stevia which also helps in strenghten gums.

Dec 10 2019
Superb product

😍 Mamaearth deeply nourishing body wash for babies: This is head to toe body wash which is very gentle for kids's delicate skin, safe for their eyes and skin. It actually leaves their skin really soft and nourished. So kids can enjoy bubble bath every time. So what are you all waiting for . Grab this product. Easily available online n offline 😁

Dec 10 2019
Excellent product

😎 Mamaearth gentle cleansing shampoo for babies : It has 100% toxin free formula n completely tear free with coconut based cleansers which is completely safe for the baby's delicate hair and scalp and eyes. I love the mild fragrance of the body wash and shampoo. it's very small amount gives thick soft and I instant foam while gently cleanse hair. 😍

Dec 10 2019
Soft fabric

Soft breathable fabric is all I want for my baby. It covers the baby completely. Thus it protects from direct sunlight.. rain showers.. chilled wind and cold breeze. I'm actually very thankful that I bought this useful product. The wrap is also cost-effective ie it is very economical in the pocket.

Dec 02 2019

I used it for my baby since her birth. Its has good quality. Gentle on skin. The fabric is also very good

Sep 24 2019
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