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Ranjita  Nair
Name:Ranjita  Nair

I am a mother of two adorable Daughters. Love to know about different brands and explore different things.I Believe in Honesty.

Cheapest option for Baby product in India

Considering the fact that it's the cheapest and safest option available in india brands in Baby care its one of the top things I carry for my baby around. Parabens free , cruelty free cream . The only thing I didn't like about the cream is its strong smell and sometime it's too sticky on skin.

Feb 24 2020
Very soft, perfect fit nappies

I had used this for my first born during neonatal stage, she was slightly underweight and thos one fitted her very nicely ,no leakage and never had a rash. You have to change the diaper every 4 -5 hours in the first month hence it is not suitable for nights but otherwise it's an awesome product for babies in the first month.

Feb 07 2020
Long lasting , Good fragrance soap

All himalaya products are the cheapest and safest option for mother and babies in India. Since it is parabens thos would be my go to product if I am not looking for a better option which is more expensive. Soap lasts for about a month and more for my daughter and lathers well but it does irritates eye . I use it for my 3 year old daughter and have been using for past 2 years now.

Feb 07 2020
Durable bottles

I had bought this after losing one bottle to a boiled water vessel for sterilization. This one passed the test of high temperature water and my daughter latched it to its nipple. Never had a leakage issue or colic . But after couple of weeks the nipple did get torn since my daughter had her front teeth and she used to bite it hard. But as compared to the other bottles it's definitely the best option in Indian market.

Feb 05 2020
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