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Salma Sultan
Name:Salma Sultan
Place:New Delhi


Good for cold and cough

my son has cold since he was 12 days old. He gets cold on and off. So my mother in law applies baby rub on his chest, nose and forehead after massage. He sleeps better after baby rub use. So I will give it a thumbs up. Have been using it for almost 5 months now.

Mar 05 2020
Looks good

I have been using my old bag for keeping things of my kiddo but this one looks so good and it's specifications are good too. I am gonna buy it and then post my review here. But I really want to ask if someone is reading this. I have a hot container of 1.5 litres which I use daily. Can this fit in the bag?

Mar 05 2020
Best among its peers

Oil is good if you ask me. I have been using it for 4 months now. My doctor recommended two oils and I am happy that I chose Dabur. My son's elbows were giving a cracking voice when he was a week old. Now the sound is almost gone. Thank you Dabur.

Feb 26 2020
Good product

I have been using it for 3 months now. In the beginning I didn't know which brand to use. So I bought every brand available in the market. Bought 1 pc or 5 pcs packet whichever was available. I liked 3 brands and Huggies was the best of them. Have been using it since then. My son has no rashes and his skin is always dry when I take off the diaper pant.

Feb 26 2020
Salma Sultan
Mar 12 2020

My kid is 5 months old now. Can I make him sleep on it? Is it healthy for babies this age? My kid likes animals and colours. He has a rocker with jungle and animals printed on it. He likes to stare at it. He stops crying when he looks at it.