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The only feeding bottle I trust

My son is 3 years old now , I still have these bottles with me. These are the best feeding bottles ever. He had issues with feeding with all other options but this one he completely fell in tune with. The bottles are easy to hold by the baby. And very very easy to clean

Feb 15 2020
Very nice

The best part about the mat is that it is machine washable and it provides me a sense of relief that it's clean. We use it in my son's playroom and also when kids come over for parties. It's safe and when the kids fall they don't get hurt. It's very attractive and fun for the kids

Feb 15 2020
This is so cute

Other than an aid for walking, it a good Play station as well. My son would be busy for hours with this walker. Attractive colours and vibrant activities make the walker very popular. I had a friend using it and I couldn't resist buying it for my baby. I would count it as a must have for the infants

Feb 15 2020
Excellent. Immediate effect

This product is a boon to all mothers wondering solutions to all kinds of rashes and itches in the diaper region. It shows immediate effect and relieves baby's discomfort. I haven't really come across better product than this one. Will ask all moms to try this atleast once. It's really very good

Dec 06 2019
So so good !

In this winter season , I'm totally depending on this oil for making my baby's skin moisturized and safe. Almond oil and olive oil are best for baby's skin. Being non sticky and greasy i can leave it on the baby and he doesn't feel icky. Smells wonderful. Great formulation. Highly recommended for all moms

Dec 06 2019
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