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Shiv Sharma
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Shiv Sharma
Oct 12 2020

How many hanging toys does Fisher Price Musical Activity Gym provide?


It comes with 6 toys.

Shiv Sharma
Sep 17 2020

Can I inflate and deflate the Disney Mickey & Minnie Hopper Ball?

Zeba Khan

Yes, inflate the ball using a pump and deflate it by removing the white plug that allows passing the air in and out.

Shiv Sharma
Jun 17 2020

Is Wild Republic CK White Tiger available only in white?

Likitha Jaju

No, the tiger is available in brown too.

Shiv Sharma
Apr 07 2020

Can I wash the seat of Mixen Baby Musical Bouncer?

Neha Krishnan

Yes, you can safely wash the sea. It is machine washable.

Shiv Sharma
Jul 23 2020

What material is used to make Baby Diaper Bags Floral Print Pack?

Meera Sethi

The bag is made using polyester and nylon blend.

Shiv Sharma
Aug 21 2020

Is Syga Stainless Steel Insulated Feeding Bottle available in different colors?

Mahira Ali

Yes, the bottle is available in pink and blue.

Shiv Sharma
Apr 23 2020

Is my baby safe in LuvLap Baby StarShine Stroller Cum Pram?

Yes, your baby is safe with a safety harness belt and a front support bar.

Shiv Sharma
May 14 2020

Do wheels of Babyhug Agile Baby Light Weight Stroller Buggy come with locks?

Ananya Sharma

Yes, the buggy comes with lockable front wheels and rear-wheel brakes.

Shiv Sharma
May 12 2020

How can I tell the frontside apart from the backside of the Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants Diapers?

Preeti Rajendran

The diapers has a green leaf on the front side of the diaper.

Shiv Sharma
May 06 2020

Can we reuse Rabitat Feeding Bottle?

Meera Sethi

The feeding bottles can be reused by sterilizing the bottles well only if they are not broken or do not change the color.

Shiv Sharma
Mar 12 2020

What is the recommended age to use Dabur Lal Tail?

Aparna Sudhan G

It can be used on 10-month-old to a 1-year-old baby.

Shiv Sharma
May 05 2020

Can we apply Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Baby Oil at night?

Meera Sethi

Yes, it is an ideal time to apply the oil and give your little one a massage before he falls asleep.

Shiv Sharma
Mar 25 2020

Can I use Sebamed Baby Massage Oil on the baby's face?

No, the product is intended to be used only on the scalp and body.

Shiv Sharma
Mar 19 2020

Can adults use Johnson's Baby Soap Blossoms with New Easy Grip Shape?


The soap is formulated for baby’s delicate skin. Adults' skin is rougher as compared to baby skin. Baby's soap can not clean the pollution that settles on an adult’s skin. Hence, to keep yourself clean and hygienic, you need to use soap formulated for adults.

Shiv Sharma
Apr 22 2020

Is Curatio Tedibar Soap a Syndet bar?

Geeta Ghokule

Yes, it is a Syndet bar with pH 5.5 and is soap-free.

Shiv Sharma
Jun 18 2020

What is the quantity of Mom & World Baby Tummy Roll On?

Aparna Sudhan G

The quantity of this product is 50 ml.

Shiv Sharma
Jun 18 2020

What is the quantity of Mom & World Baby Mosquito Repellent Body Spray?

Shruti Arora

The quantity of this product is 100 ml.

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