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Prerna Abhishek
Name:Prerna Abhishek


Natural and affordable massage oil!!

I am using dabur lal tail for my baby.It is natural oil and suits all skin types.My baby has sensitive skin and I am using it so it can be used on all skin types. It is favourable in all condition.It strengthens bones and muscles.If not throught out the year but every mother should use this oil for sometimes because it works as wonders to baby.Highly recommended


Non sticky

Mild fragrance


Natural ingredients

Strengthens bones


Feb 25 2020
Jumping puppy.

My son loves this puppy.It's cover is detachable so it becomes easy to maintain hygiene. I usually get some time for myself because of this toy.that's because its jumping feature keeps my baby busy.This is his favourite toy.size of the toy is good for him.He can hold the toy,he keeps loving and find it good.

Feb 12 2020
Beautiful spout cup

My son loves this spout cup which is spill proof.I bought it when my elder son was born.spout is of silicon and Bpa free.It isvery easy to hold so when he started holding things and wanted to grasp this cup in his hand I started giving him juice and formula milk in this cup.he loves to drink milk himself.


Silicone spouts

Easy handles for holding

Dishwasher safe

Interchangeable parts

Recommended by dentists

Straw and valves built together

Transitional cups


Jan 17 2020
Comfortable feeding pillow.

What to say about this feeding pillow.No words of appreciation I have.Actually when my baby was born he was of 4.2 kgs and I had gone through c-section.It was very tough for me to feed him in sitting position at that time this pillow worked as a boon to me.Its cushioning provided proper comfort to my baby and me aswell as I was unable to bend and feed him so with help of this pillow I drenched my baby need which leads to the satisfaction to him and me aswell.


Comfortable position



Matching washable covers

Soft fabric and finishing

Easy to use and clean

Strong and durable


Jan 17 2020
Nice product!!

Ot is advisable to every mom whose baby is on formula milk because it helps exausted mo. Very much.I put this warmer on at night and moreover I Keep a feeding bottle with water and when required I add formula milk and feed my baby.It has many functions it has auto shutt off function and many more so it is always advusable to use to give quick service to your baby being in comfort zone to a newly became mother.



Cute Designs

Colors dont Bleed

Soft & Comfortable

Thick & Warm

Fit Nicely

Good Quality


Drying Function

Electronic Indicator

Auto Shutoff

LED Touch Screen

Includes Accessory Rack

Food Warmer Also

Jan 17 2020
Silicon Bib!!

My baby starts giggling when he see this bib because of ├Čts animal face.The bib is of silicon material which makes it easy to wash and travel friendly.size is also perfect.It helps in mainting hygiene and the most importantly it helps in feeding my baby because he knows that till tge time he is having food he has chance to touch and play with bib aswell.


Genuine material

Machine washable

Highly durable

Travel friendly

Easy to clean


Jan 11 2020
Philips Avent Feeding Bottle!!

Philips Feeding bottle is anticolic.It gives feeling of mothers feed to the baby.It is free flowing,easy to hold and its nipple controls air so it is completely this bottle is quite easy bacause of its wide neck for easy filling and cleaning.My baby doesn't want to have formula milk but after buying this bottle I feel blessed because he has started having formula milk.Earlier moreover I had a feeling that his stomach is empty all the time because he was exclusively on breast milk..But after buying this bottle I am very much satisfied.


Easy to clean

Easy to hold

Nipple controls air flow

Smooth flow of contents


No leakage

Jan 11 2020
Waterproof Bib!!

This bib is waterproof and machine washable.Even it dries out easily.It is made of genuine material which is most important because sometimes while feeding I feel many moms use bib for wiping the mouth of baby when the towel is not around or nearby.Thisbib is reusable so maintaining hygiene is easier when and after using.


Genuine material

Machine washable

Highly durable

Travel friendly

Easy to clean


Jan 11 2020
Nice product to buy.

Smart Witty Plastic Round Baby Walker with Adjustable Height and Musical Toy Bar Rattles and Toys Ultra Soft Seat-Activity and Wheel for Kid 6 Months to 2 Years.It provides proper balance to your child.It generates interests in yourbaby to walk as they feel the pleasure of walking himself.I think its mandatory to every child.Go for the product.


Generates interest to walk

Provides balance

Prevents falling

Improves cognitive development

Dec 26 2019
Facing Low Breast Milk Supply??Try Zandu Striveda.

Is there anything healthy other than breast milk? Obviously, a big No. But 2 months after giving birth to my baby, I slowly realised that I am not lactating well. Firstly, I tried using some lactating pills but nothing worked for me. Later my cousin suggested me to use zandu striveda satavari. She explained me about the natural ingredients that are present in this lactation supplement. I used it and within a very short span of time, I observed a significant change.


Natural and safe

Improves milk production

Tastes good

Easy to digest

Doctor recommended

Reasonably priced


None of the above

Dec 24 2019
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