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Feb 11 2021

What material is used to make Takaratomy Beyblades?


They are made of metal with rubber edges for the blade.

Dec 08 2020

How long does it take to charge the Syga Breast Pump?

Ramya baliga

The pump takes 2 hours to charge. Once charged you can use it for an entire day.

Jan 10 2021

Does mLabs Infrared Thermometer have an automatic shut-off function?

Yes, the thermometer shuts off automatically after 7 seconds when the device is unused.

Jan 10 2021

What are the different sizes available in Pampers Diaper Pants?

Pavani Adari

The diaper pants are available in newborn (upto 5 kg), small (4 to 8 kg), medium (7 to 12 kg), large (9 to 14 kg), extra large (12 to 17 kg), and double extra large (15 to 25 kg).

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