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Pavit Anand
Name:Pavit Anand


Really Effective Diaper Rash Cream for babies

I use Lotus baby's happy bump rash cream regularly for my baby. I apply it whenever I make her wear the diaper. The cream is really effective and gentle on our baby's skin. Apply it every time the baby wears a diaper to avoid rashes. It has worked well for me and suits my baby's soft skin

Dec 13 2019
Good body lotion for babies

I apply lotion every day on my baby post giving her a bath. I have been using Lotus body lotion for a month now and I really like it. It keeps my baby's skin moisturized and soft throughout the day. It's a perfect lotion for the winter season to avoid dryness. DO try it once, you will surely like it.

Dec 13 2019
Baby massage oil for everyday use

I am using Lotus Massage oil for my baby for a few weeks now and I really liked it. I give her a massage with Lotus massage oil every day before giving her a bath. It is made with a blend of various botanical oils and extracts from almonds and olive. So it keeps her skin nourished throughout the say.

Dec 13 2019
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