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Ooha Sagar
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Ooha Sagar
Dec 10 2020

Can I use the same Magic Stick Diaper Ointment for different children?

Vishnu Vardhan

No, do not use the same stick for different babies. It may carry infections and allergens.

Ooha Sagar
Sep 04 2020

How does the side opening buckle of Babyhug Cuddle Up 3 Way Baby Carrier With Padded Lumbar Strap help?


You can slide your baby in or out of the carrier through the side opening buckle.

Ooha Sagar
Jul 09 2020

How can I play music of the R for Rabbit Zig Zag Baby Walker Anti Fall Safe?

Insert batteries in the musical tray and press the button to play the music. The musical tray is removable and can be detached when not necessary.

Ooha Sagar
Sep 09 2020

How Huggies Ultra Soft Premium Pants keep my baby’s skin dry?

nayan khu

The pants are made using an advanced dry touch sheet that helps to absorb the wetness from your baby skin and keeps the skin dry upto 12 hours.

Ooha Sagar
Jul 08 2020

Does Babyhug Beryl Electronic Cradle with Remote Control stand straight on the flat surface?

Ramya baliga

Yes, it comes with an anti-skid frame base that helps to keep the cradle in a position without slipping.

Ooha Sagar
Aug 08 2020

Does Himalaya Baby Massage Oil come in a pump or flip-open bottle?


The oil comes in both types of bottles, and the only difference is in the sizes.

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