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Mamta khanduja
Name:Mamta khanduja

I'm a teacher and mother of two cute kids

Now keep germs at bay..

At this time when the whole world is fighting with a serious virus I was quite worried about the clothes catching germs.. My kids are too young and play everywhere in the house.. We adults too go out for our daily ventures.. So I wanted something that can remove germs from clothes and then I got to know about Bio Bubble Anti Microbial Fabric coat.. It kills 99.99℅ germs leaving a sweet fragrance in clothes.. Moreover it is a bio organic product so free from harmful chemicals.. Which means we can use for kids clothes easily.. I'm really happy and relieved after using this product.. Fully satisfied.. A wonderful product to remove germs from clothes which is quite necessary for d protection from d diseases..



Lasts even after regular washes

Floral aroma


No harmful chemicals

Nov 23 2020
Very soft and absorbable

I always like cloth diapers or reusable diapers as they are economical and environment friendly.. Moreover they give more comfort to babies.. I tried many reusable diapers but d best diaper I found is Charlie Banana.. Recently I ordered a pack of three inserts and it's really awesome.. The inner material is made up of Microfleece which is really very soft and at the same time keeps the baby skin dry..these diapers don't turn try after multiple washing like many others get dry and hard but these remain soft.. and their absorption quality is really very good.. Fully satisfied... If u like reusable cloth diapers then go with Chalie Banana..



Made of Super Soft Material

Great Absorption

Dry Feel

Compatible with Free Size & Newborn Cloth Diaper

Nov 10 2020
Softest diapers ever..

.🏠 Thnx to d sofest bamboo based diapers to keep my baby happy and comfortable whole day long and to give him comfortable sleep 😴 at night.. The things I like the most about Mamaearth diapers are.. These diaper are bamboo based.. 🌫️Texture: texture is cotton like soft which tells that this is a quality product 🌫️Elastic band: elastic band used in Mamaearth is very flexible which doesn't leave any elastic band scar or discomfort to babies. . it also has an extra protection layer.. 🌫️ It has 12 hour long absorption protection.. I have no hesitation in mentioning that none of the diapers I used in the past offered me as much of features.. Can say this is the perfect diaper for my baby..🌫️🌫️🌫️🌫️




Environmental friendly

No skin irritation


Oct 26 2020
Easy and safe

Babies are quite soft and it is necessary to be careful while cutting d nails.. I was really afraid to cut d nails but when I my husband brought this Fisher price manicure kit it became really easy for me to remove her is not having harsh brush so now I comfortably use this kit..



Soft Bristles

Nice Pouch

Soft Colour

Soft Finger Brush

Value For Money

Easy in Tongue Cleaning

Oct 19 2020
Nice powder

mother sparsh plant powered powder herbal n plant based..totally organic and certified product it is! You will see d miracle within a few days and moreover it's plant based so it's free from all types of chemicals...having a soothing smell which I like very much...It's really very effective..must try it..



Prevents rash

Avoids skin chafing

Keeps the baby fresh

Prevents body odor

Absorbs sweat

Nourishes skin

Prevents rash

Oct 10 2020
Happy baby! Happy mommy!

Happy baby! happy mommy..mama earth is a certified organic's a blend of herbs and plant extracts..As it's plant based so very safe for babies..really very effective.It is tearfree with coconut based cleansers.. U will get 100% baby's hair r smooth and soft and scalp is clear..m satisfied with it.. A dermatologically tested product..



Gentle on skin

Hypoallergenic and safe

Lathers well

Mild fragrance

Soft and nourishing

Reasonable price

Sep 23 2020
Very soft and absorbable

I loved these diapers.. They r really very soft.. In fact d softest diapers I hv ever seen till now.. I loved d quality.. My baby felt really happy and comfortable.. I want to use these diapers only.. The packing was also very good.. I hv tried many brands but I found it d best



Fresh cotton feel

Hugs baby's waist


Rash free

Good absorption

Aug 27 2020
Natural product

I always wanted something natural for my babies' clothes.. Mamaearth laundry detergent is a must have now in my house.. This is a botanical blend of Plant's enzymes.. I wanted something which can clean d stains without harming the clothes.. It has neem which kills d germs, citric acid which removes residue from clothes and natural enzymes break dirt and keeps d clothes soft and new.. I love its anti elergic light fragrance too.. Highly recommended




No phosphate

No Bleach

No Foam Boosters

No Optical brighteners

Gentle on delicate and sensitive skin

Jul 24 2020
Nice product

I tried many dusting powders for my boys but I loved mamaearth the most.. It is plant based which is free from Parabens.. This is a botanical blend of oatmeal and arrowroot powder which has no harmful chemicals, no dyes.. And fragrance is also very nice.. Very effective too.. Love it.. A must try product




No Talc

No Parabens

No dyes


No artificial fragrance

Jul 24 2020
Wonderful product

I never liked roll ons because of the chemicals and strong smells but mamaearth fabric roll on changed my views.. This product is deet free and having no toxins.. At the same time this is really very effective.. My kids are now not bothered of strong smell.. They are safe from mosquito bites and I am happy to use a product which has natural ingredients.. Highly recommended



No toxic chemicals

Natural ingredients



Jul 23 2020
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