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Nishant Goyal
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Nishant Goyal
Mar 18 2021

Is Marvel Dazzler a plastic toy?

Yes, it is a plastic toy.

Nishant Goyal
Mar 18 2021

Can I position the arms and legs of Marvel Tombstone?

murthy nvv

Yes, you can position the arms and legs as you like.

Nishant Goyal
Jan 21 2021

Does Ardo Medical Breast Pump require batteries?

Yes, the breast pump requires 6 AA batteries.

Nishant Goyal
Jan 27 2021

What is the expiry of Kara Baby Wipes?


The expiry date of wipes is 2 years from MFD.

Nishant Goyal
Dec 19 2020

Are the parts of the Pigeon Compact Sterilizer resistant to heat?

Monisha Sarkar

Yes, the sterilizer has a heat resistance of 110 degrees.

Nishant Goyal
Jan 02 2021

Can I apply the Donum Moisturizing Cream daily for my baby?

Kuldeep Sawant

The cream is formulated for everyday use.

Nishant Goyal
Dec 12 2020

Can I apply The Moms Co Oil during pregnancy?

Kiran Vishwkarma

Yes, you can start applying the oil in the first trimester.

Nishant Goyal
Dec 13 2020

Can adults use Mamaearth Bamboo Based Wipes?

Anup Mullick

Yes. Both men and women can use these wipes on their skin to remove makeup and to refresh the skin.

Nishant Goyal
Dec 06 2020

Does Jack N' Jill Natural Toothpaste available in different flavors?

Sanjana Rathod

Yes, the toothpaste comes in raspberry, strawberry, bubble gum, berries, blueberry, banana, and flavor-free.

Nishant Goyal
Dec 03 2020

Does the water stay in the Honey Bee Deluxe Bather?

No, the bather comes with the mesh sling that drains the water easily.

Nishant Goyal
Dec 01 2020

Is Burt's Bees Shampoo & Wash tear-free?

Nishant Goyal
Nov 08 2020

What material is used to make Mee Mee Cleaning Brush?


The brush is made of Nylon material.

Nishant Goyal
Nov 01 2020

Can men use the Mamaearth Argan Hair mask?

Yes, the hair mask can be used by both men and women aged 15 years above.

Nishant Goyal
Nov 01 2020

What material is used to make Penguin Design Masilo Linen Play Mat?

The playmat is made of water-resistant cotton material.

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