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Zandu striveda is good to improve milk production

I came to know about this product from my friend. Received free sample and used it. Recommended for all mom's. Really it's amazing drink. Taste is good. After using this i have seen improvement in milk production. It is ayurvedic , so there are no side effects. Everyone can use it without fear



Natural and safe

Improves milk production

Tastes good

Easy to digest

Reasonably priced

Dec 20 2019
Jan 10 2021

Does Supples Pants Diapers leak?


The diaper pants converts liquid into gel and prevent leakage.

Nov 08 2020

Can I sterilize Kidzvilla Dental Care Teether?


Yes, you can sterilize the teether by placing it in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes.

Nov 08 2020

What is the charging time of the battery pack?


The charging time of the battery pack is 2 hours.

Jul 24 2020

What products are included in the Chicco First Caring Set?

Geeta Ghokule

The pack contains baby wash, shampoo, lotion, wipes, soap bar, and a comb brush.

Oct 10 2020

Is Skylofts Giant Stuffed Teddy Bear washable?

Yes, the teddy bear is washable. Use mild detergents.

Sep 17 2020

In how many positions can we convert the R for Rabbit Jack N Jill Grand The Convertible Car Seat?

The car seat can be converted into group-0 (0 to 2 years), group-1(2 to 5 years), and group-2 (4 to 7 years) position.

Aug 08 2020

Can Curatio Atogla Cream be applied along with other lotions or creams?

No, Curatio suggests that it is applied with no other lotion or cream.

Aug 08 2020

Does Himalaya Herbals Baby Powder heal the wound?

Ayush shivayogi

Yes, it is capable of healing very small wounds. The ingredient Yashada Bhasma present in the baby powder has the property to heal the wound.

Aug 09 2020

Does Mamaearth Onion Hair Mask control hair fall?


Yes, the onion oil in the hair mask controls hair fall by strengthening the roots.

Aug 02 2020

Does Babyhug Symphony Stroller with Reversible Handle Mosquito Net have brakes to apply?

Vyshnavi Iyer

Yes, the stroller comes with a linked brake for the rear wheels. The stroller stops moving when the brake is applied, and it gets locked in that position.

Jun 04 2020

What size bottle does Babyhug Feeding Bottle Cover Elephant Print Large supports?

Ayush shivayogi

The bottle supports 250ml of Babyhug feeding bottles. It is available in different sizes as well.

Jun 11 2020

Where do you put the Blossom Car Sign Baby On Board?

You can place the signboard on any window you desire. But, for better visibility, place the signboard outside of the rear or front window.

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