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My best Choice for my baby

This product is so refreshing for kids skin. They stay fresh fro longer time. Babies metabolisim is generally higher and they tend to sweat a lot. This was a savior for my lil one during summers and now even during winters. He likes the fragrance it has and how mild it is on the lil ones skin.



Keeps the baby fresh

Absorbs sweat

Jan 29 2020
Moisture in the body was retained

When i had to massage my baby with some oil and i didnt know which one everyone were asking me to go for Johnsons oil and thats what i did use for my baby. He was never feeling irritated while we gave him the massage with this oil and it was so nice to feel his skin post bath. the skin felt very soft and never dry after using this even during harsh winters.



Non sticky

Mild fragrance


Natural ingredients


Jan 29 2020
Mar 04 2021

How many steps does it take for the Transformer Strongarm toy to convert from a robot to a vehicle?

The transformation takes 4 steps.

Feb 05 2021

What material is used to make the Pigeon Nipple Puller?


The nipple puller is made of silicone rubber and polypropylene material.

Dec 17 2020

Is Graco Literider Stroller available in different colors?

Deb Behera

The stroller is available in brown and black.

Jan 01 2021

Can I apply a lotion before applying Badger Balm Sunscreen?

Deb Behera

Ideally, there is no need to apply a lotion under this sunscreen. However, if you would like to use a lotion, let the lotion get absorbed completely before applying the sunscreen.

Dec 05 2020

Is Babyganics Sunscreen Lotion safe?

Haritha Maddikuntla

The product is safe for your babies as it comes with good SPF and has no PABA, parabens, fragrances. Also, it protects your baby from UVA/UVB rays.

Dec 04 2020

How much time does the Generation Guard thermometer take to display the readings?

The thermometer takes 1 second to display the readings.

Dec 06 2020

Is the entire KidDough Teether Glove made of silicone material?

Pruthiraj Nayak

No, the glove is made of silicone and soft fabric material.

Dec 06 2020

Is Krupalu Car Cushion washable?


Yes, the car cushion is hand- and machine-washable.

Dec 06 2020

Can I adjust the volume of Huile Smart Dancing Toy?


Yes, you can adjust the toy volume with the help of the volume control button.

Dec 05 2020

Does Mee Mee Baby Bibs fit 1-year-olds?

Anjana Agarwal

Yes, the bibs fit comfortably on the neck as they come with adjustable velcros

Dec 04 2020

Is the Farlin Anti-Skid Bath Tub available in different colors?

The bathtub comes in a combination of blue & white, pink & white, and red & white.

Dec 06 2020

What material is used to make Baybee Amida Bath Tub?

Sushma Bindu

The bathtub is made of PVC-free, BPA-free, lead-free, phthalate-free, and polypropylene material.

Nov 01 2020

Is Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar tear-free?

Yes, the cleansing bar is formulated tear-free, soap-free to keep the baby's skin hydrated.

Oct 03 2020

What material is used to make Deals India Rabbit And Elephant Soft Toys?

The rabbit is made of fur and the elephant is made of polyester fabric.

Oct 02 2020

Can we fold the Abhiyantt Toddler Portable Recliner Rocker Chair?

Vamsi Krishna

Yes, we can compactly fold the rocker and store it conveniently.

Oct 03 2020

Does it require any batteries?

Veera.venkata.pradee Uppalapati

Gooyo Multifunctional Musical Bouncer Cum Rocker requires 2 alkaline batteries and 3 button cell batteries.

Oct 01 2020

Is it available in different colors?

Playgro Toys Colt Shaped Rocker is available in red, yellow, and pink.

Sep 04 2020

Does the Tiger Print Diaper Bag With Changing Mat come with an additional bottle-holder?


No, the bag does not have any additional bottle-holder. However, the bag has side pockets that help to store the bottles easily.

Sep 04 2020

Can we remove the soft cushioned seat of LuvLap Tutti Frutti Baby Stroller Buggy?

No, the padded seat is not detachable and can be cleaned along with the stroller.

Aug 09 2020

How much time does the sterilization cycle take in Babyhug-6-in-1 Steam Sterilizer Cum Warmer?

anushree shirke

It takes 8 minutes for the sterilization cycle.

Aug 01 2020

Are the wheels of Babyhug Dolce Vita 3-in-1 High Chair lockable?


Yes, the wheels are lockable. You can lock and unlock the wheels by pressing or lifting the latch to the wheels. The entire high chair can be placed steadily by turning the wheels upwards.

Jun 18 2020

What is the quantity of Mom & World Hair Strengthening Conditioner?

Geeta Ghokule

The quantity of this conditioner is 300 ml.

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