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Pampers Fresh keeps my baby Fresh

I always want to give te best to my baby and After a lot of research I decided to use Pampers and I use Pampers diapers and Pampers wipes from Day of my baby . I really has a very good Experience and my baby's skin is safe with it. He never had a single rash. I will continue to use



Affordable Price

Great Build

effective use

Safe to use

Natural Ingredients

Fights Bacteria

Gentle on Skin

Apr 27 2021
Apr 01 2021

Can I wash the mini-figures in Lego People Pack?

Vedhanth Kondabathini

Yes, the mini-figures are washable.

Mar 06 2021

What material is used to make Ben 10 Spidermonkey?

The spidermonkey is made of plastic material.

Feb 04 2021

Does the Oral Kids Toothbrush come with a toothpaste indicator?

Yes, the toothbrush comes with a toothpaste indicator.

Feb 07 2021

Is Jordan Step 1 Toothbrush available in different colors?

Yes, the toothbrush is available in greenish, pink, purple, and blue.

Feb 03 2021

Can I store the milk in the Medela Softcup Advanced Feeder?

Sanjana Rathod

No, milk remaining in the feeder needs to be discarded properly.

Jan 03 2021

Is Morisons Bottle Cleaning Brush resistant to heat?


Yes, the brush's handle, body parts are resistant to 120 degrees, and bristles are resistant to 80 degrees.

Jan 02 2021

Does Kiss My Face Sunscreen resists water?

jha ji

The sunscreen resists 40 minutes of swimming or sweating.

Dec 06 2020

Is Fisher Price Finger Brush available in different colors?

Vyshnavi Iyer

Yes, the brush is available in green, blue, purple, and pink.

Dec 03 2020

Is Avene Pediatril Diaper Cream suitable for sensitive skin?

The diaper cream is suitable for all skin types.

Nov 06 2020

What is the shelf life of Pigeon 2 in 1 Sakura Baby Wash?

Vyshnavi Iyer

The shelf life of the baby wash is 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

Nov 01 2020

What material is used to make Baybee Soft Pacifier?


The pacifiers are made of odor-free silicone material.

Nov 08 2020

What is the expiry date of Sebamed Baby Lotion?

The expiry date will be mentioned on the bottle.

Nov 08 2020

Can I sterilize Mee Mee Thick Bristled Brush in Philips Avent Sterilizer?


Yes, you can safely sterilize the brush in Mee Mee and Philips sterilizers.

Nov 08 2020

What is the flying time of a Gooyo Flying Helicopter?

Budidhi Vamshi

The flying time of the helicopter is 5 to 6 minutes.

Nov 01 2020

Can I convert Babe Comfort 10-in-1 Carry cot to a swing?

Yes, you can do that too. Remove the sleigh rod, attach ropes to the base's hooks, and hang it from the ceiling.

Nov 01 2020

Does the Notty Ride Folding Mat have anti-skid properties?

Sushma Bindu

Yes, the mat comes with anti-skid properties.

Oct 03 2020

What material is used to make the Wasan Cricket Bat?

Shruti Arora

The bat and stumps are made of wooden material.

Oct 03 2020

Is VibgyorVibes Soft Foam Cricket Ball soft?

The ball is made of foam material.

Oct 04 2020

Can I hang the Planet of Toys Basketball Set to the wall?

No, you can only hang the set on to a door.

Aug 17 2020

Does Webby Electronic Jumping Puppy Toy produce sound?

Reethu Jain

Yes, the jumping toy produces sound.

Oct 04 2020

Is it washable?

Yes, you can hand-wash Play Toons Sitting Puppy Soft Toy.

Oct 04 2020

Are Deals India Caterpillar And Ball Soft Toy Combo safe?

The toys are made of non-toxic material.

Oct 04 2020

Does Chicco Polly Swing Up have inbuilt rechargeable batteries?

Vamsi Kumar

No, the swing does not have any inbuilt rechargeable batteries, and you need to change the batteries once they are used up.

Oct 01 2020

Is Babyhug Teeny Tiny Potty Chair With Lid washable?

Yes, the potty chair is washable. Use mild detergent to wash the chair.

Sep 09 2020

Is Syga Multi Purpose Diaper Bag water-resistant?

Yes, the diaper bag is water-resistant.

Sep 08 2020

Is the Syga Backpack Style Diaper Bag available in different colors?

amrutha rao

Yes, the backpack is available in blue and pink.

Apr 15 2020

Can we recline the backrest of Babyhug Agile Baby Light Weight Stroller Buggy?

Varshini Sinha

Yes, we can recline the backrest at 3 different positions. Recline the seat to the desired position by pulling the strap at the back of the backrest.

May 27 2020

Is Babyhug 3 in 1 Play And Grow High Chair available in different colors?

amrutha anmol

Yes, the high chair is available in red, blue, and green.

Mar 18 2020

Does Babyhug Molly Rocking Bassinet Cum Cradle With Storage Space come with zip closure?

Zeba Khan

Yes, the cradle comes with a zip closure canopy protects your baby from bugs and insects.

Mar 12 2020

Is Babyhug Lily Wooden Cot With Detachable Bassinet & Side Shelf available in different colors?

No, the cot is available only in light brown.

Mar 19 2020

Is Mamaearth Daily Moisturizing Lotion pH-balanced?

Megha Puri

Yes, the lotion is formulated with natural ingredients and is pH balanced.

Jul 10 2020

What is the recommended age to use Babyhug Onyx Car Seat Cum Carry Cot?


The recommended age by the manufacturer is 0 to 5 years.

Apr 22 2020

Can I use Mamaearth Baby's Natural Berry Blast Toothpaste for an 11-month-old and 4-year-old?

Preeti Rajendran

Yes, you can safely use the toothpaste on all babies as it is formulated with natural ingredients and is fluoride-free.

Aug 08 2020

Does Fisher Price Learn With Puppy Walker have rubber wheels?

No, the walker doesn’t come with rubber wheels, and instead, it has plastic wheels

Jun 28 2020

Why does my video monitor produce noise?


Ainhyzic Baby Monitor Video Baby Camera Wireless Transmission never produces noise, unless both the monitor and camera are placed nearby.

Aug 09 2020

Does Mustela Hydra Bebe Body Lotion come in a flip-open cap bottle?

Deb Behera

No, the lotion is available only in a pump bottle.

Jan 28 2020

Which size photo fits in the Kalacaree Set of 4 Lovely Animal Theme Magnetic Photo Frame?

Aparna Sudhan G

Each photo frame provides a space of 4.2 x 2.5 inches to fix the photo. The space provided is bigger than passport size.

Jul 14 2020

Can it be used on face?

Reethu Jain

Mamaearth does not recommend to use the roll-on on face or anywhere directly on the skin.

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