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Amazing anti collic bottles

Well I have been using these bottles by avent for almost like 7 year now .. I used these bottles for my elder one and now my little One is drinking milk from avent bottles only. It’s the best for kids .. it’s a good brand and anti collic.. I always recommend these bottles over other brands for kids


Odourless nipples

Good quality denim cover

Good capacity of the bottle

Good grip of the bottle

Bottle is not easily breakable

Jul 21 2020
The best diaper pants

So I always prefer huggies over other brands as it’s got some great stuff as per the requirement of the babies... doesn’t leave any rash and very soft and smooth .. with great fragrance also . It’s not that expensive and worth the money . One diaper Pant last the entire night and it’s doesn’t leak at all.


Fresh cotton feel

Hugs baby's waist


Rash free

Good absorption

Jul 21 2020
Best ones

Well I have used these breast pads seven years ago and now after my second delivery also .. and I have always been recommending to the new moms also because these are the best . These are breathable , rash free and highly absorbable so you can go anywhere without any tension of leakage.. it fits perfect and doesn’t slip at all.. moreover a trust this brand blindly so would always recommend this over other brands .


High Absorbency

Contoured Shape

Breathable Material

Waterproof Lining

Quilted Surface

Anti-slip Adhesive

Jul 21 2020
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