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Neha Saraf
Name:Neha Saraf

A working mother, trying to juggle home, office and my little one with as much love and as less grudges as possible!

Super cute, very useful!

My 1.5 year old daughter has been using this for quite sometime and I personally feel its a must thing for all kids so that we can train our kids for potty and pee from a very early age. While initially, kids might not understand why are you making them sit on it and consider it simply a plaything, gradually they will call out to you when they feel the need to use it. Specifically for this product, I have a pink colour which is extremely cute and my daughter is very fond of it. It is very comfortable, non slippery, easy to clean given the detachable tray and perfect for her age. Plus given the look and feel, noone even feels its a potty seat!! I highly recommend it!



Handles on potty seat

Non-skid edges


Mar 03 2020
A complete baby care kit!

Mamaearth was suggested by friends who were using it for their kids. This kit is a complete baby care kit as it contains products to be used on a daily basis for kids. And what more! An awesome bag along! Completely worth the price and extremely useful! Organic products, easy on kids skin and nice fragrance- I suggest this to mothers who are confused as to which brands they should opt for!



Non sticky

Mild fragrance


Natural ingredients

Feb 26 2020
Highly recommended!

It was gifted my brother and sister when my daughter turned 6 months old- an age when you introduce solids. I found it very useful because at that age, my daughter could not sit straight on her own and it was difficult holding her in lap and feeding. This booster had safety harness which held her comfortably and made feeding easier and safe. Also, this is way better than a high chair which is cumbersome and cannot be carried anywhere. This booster can be clasped to any chair at home or otherwise. Further, it has a musical add-on and makes the booster useful even when not feeding. One can leave the bay clasped close by while he/ she plays and you may finish some work! I highly recommend this product!




Safety harness


Washable cushion

Easy to feed

Space saver

Simple design

Feb 25 2020
In love with Chicco feeding bottles!

Chicco was recommended by my nurse when I was getting discharged from the hospital after my delivery and I instantly bought it for my kid as her 'first feeding bottle'! There has not been any looking back as I have not opted for any other brand since the last 1.5 years. The bottle is extremely sturdy, has lovely prints to choose from, comes in different capacities depending on your child's age and easy to be held by the child. I highly recommend this product!



Odourless nipples

Good capacity of the bottle

Good grip of the bottle

Bottle is not easily breakable

Feb 26 2020
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