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I was working before my child birth but now I am homemaker.

Best soap for babies

Himalaya soap is very gentle to skin. I like this brand because it gives smooth care to baby's skin. I always used this soap for my child. My child has very sensitive skin and also dry so I feel it is very good. Some doctors also recommend this soap for kids.

Mar 15 2020
rash cream

When my baby was born from then I am using only Himalaya products for my baby. Also used diaper rash cream by Himalaya. this is very good. I feel my my baby also feel good because it has no strong fragrance no itching. Now my kid's age around 3 years but at night he wears diaper so some time he feel rashes. So I use this.

Feb 20 2020
best product for babies

I get this cot cum bed after 1 year of my baby birth. This cot cum bed is very good totally value of price. Firstly I prefer wooden furniture so I also want wooden for my kid. this is eco friendly and also we can use till 4 years of baby. I like this product.

Feb 20 2020
hug by huggies

Huggies is the most trusted brand for diapers. I use diaper only at night and it is very comfortable and no leave rashes. Huggies wonder pants have some qualities like no side leakage comfortable at the waist This diaper gives a comfortable feel to the baby whole night. 12 hours absorption 100% Hygenic Baby's skin can breathe cotton soft gentle on skin.

Dec 03 2019
non sticky lotion

Lotus is a very trusted brand. Now Lotus herbal baby is launched which is totally based on natural ingredients. It is very smooth, non-sticky, chemical-free, paraben-free and very good for dry skin. I have personal experience it is very good no harmful and safe for the baby's skin. Please try it.

Dec 03 2019
happy nappy

I love this cream. My baby wears a diaper at night only but his skin is very sensitive I used coconut oil for that but coconut oil is not sufficient he got many rashes. Lotus herbal rash cream is very good it is suitable for all types of skins and it is based on natural ingredients.

Dec 03 2019
massage oil

As we all know massage is very necessary for growing babies because of these bones to be strong. Lotus herbals massage oil is based on almonds oil and olive oil which are very good for the skin. I use this oil at night by this my baby feels relax and the next day after bath his skin also feels good.

Dec 03 2019
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