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Mysha Mivaan
Name:Mysha Mivaan


Amazing product

As we know in this current situation hand is the first carrier of germs,viruses and other harmful bacterias.So it is very important to clean the hands. Aur hand germs ko bye bye krna ho toh use Chemtex Biobubble HandCoat It works amazingly and the best part of this you have to apply once a day and forget about the germs whole day even if washed with water. Once applied, it builds a positively charged layer on our hands which kills microbes proactively the negative RNA micro-organisms on exposure and does not allow other microbes to survive till the layer remains active. I love this product because this is my absolute saviour from repeated handwashing and using hand sanitizers which make the skin dry .




Long hours of protection

Pocket friendly

Nov 27 2020
Best cloth diaper...

I am new into cloth diapering because i hesitate to use cloth diaper as i was thinking may be after 2-3 wash of cloth diaper it will be hard and uncomfortable to baby.. But i found the best cloth diaper @charlie banana. Charlie Banana adjusts smaller for newborn and has an opening in front for inserts instead of back which makes it easier to clean. and highly soft and highly adjustable. The inner layer is made of soft fleece which is hypoallergenic and stainfree It keeps my baby dry and rash free naturally. ☘️ added gel and chemicals. ☘️Soft fleece touches baby's skin. ☘️Maximum 300-400 washing cycle. ☘️Eco-friendly I am so happy that I am making a new move towards to reduce wastage which is harmful to environment also. I highly recommend to all mommies CHARLIE BANANA CLOTH DIAPERS. .



Made of Super Soft Material

Comfortable Fit

Cute Prints & Vibrant Colors

Leakage Protection

No Rashes

Nov 19 2020
Really loved the product

When I got to know Mamaearth which is Indian brand is launching the range of diaper. I was eagerly waiting to try that and when i tried i was not disappointed. I think this is the best diaper in the market. The Inner part of the diaper is very soft like cotton balls and elastic of waistband is really soft and stretchy. Most importantly I am happy with these are plant based diapers made up of cornstarch and aloevera powder which is natural and very gentle for baby's skin. I have used these for my daughter. No rashes and no skin irritation is there. It Comes with an indicator which helps to guide when to change the diaper.



Environmental friendly

No skin irritation


Oct 28 2020
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