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avneet kaur
Name:avneet kaur

I am avneet i hv a girl chil she is 1.9 years old her name is manseerat kaur i am insta blogger

Best oil

It is very best oil for baby. It is good in fragnance. It is very safe ingredients in it. It is safe for babies. I love this product. Best for massaging it help to baby in eatly walking and it help to baby for strong bones. It is very good oil. I will definitely recommended this oil

Feb 07 2020
Himalaya is best

It is a very safe powder for babies. It is help to baby keep fresh and nourishing it has good ingredients i will recommended to all himalaya products because i am using this products powder wipes baby bath everything is very good and safe for toddlers i like himalaya products for babies.

Feb 07 2020
Baby health

It is good very nose block for babies there is no allergic issue there is no strong smell. It is made up of natual things. It is clinical tested it is no harmfull for babies it is give relief to babies during cold and cough it is best in cold i will prefer to all for buy this product.

Feb 07 2020
Baby care

It is very safe product for babies. I love this product. In this no any harmful chemical. It is 100 % clinical test in the lab. After using this product my baby ' s skin is very soft and nourishing. There is no any allergic issue. It is a very pure product. I like to prefer this product to everyone

Jan 30 2020
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