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Pallavi Adsul
Name:Pallavi Adsul

A Daughter, A Wife & A Mommy. 2nd baby due in 2weeks. Ex Sr. Cabin Crew. Product Reviewer.

Best comfortable pants

This time I used Huggies pant for my daughter, after using and trying all the brands possible. I really loved these pants, they are very comfortable. Keeps the skin dry. My daughter felt very comfortable at the waist and it even settled properly on her bum. No rashes, no irritation, proper coverage, proper dryness, soft cottony comfort for extra absorption.

Dec 11 2019
Best for sensitive skin

I used Aveeno baby lotion, for my baby when she was a new born. And I still keep 1 as a stand by. Its fragrance free, paraben free. Its gentle and best for sensitive skin. So whenever I see heat rashes or chapped skin, I use aveeno daily moisture lotion for my daughter. I believe it's the best lotion for sensitive baby skin.

Dec 10 2019
Best for long term use

When I wanted to buy a stroller, I came across many options, but I wanted something that would be for long run, could handle maximum weight. And this was the product I was looking for. It can hold 25kgs, my daughter is 2yrs, and she can sleep without any discomfort. I can cover her up completely and cut off the light from disturbing her, while we are out. It has a nice basket underneath, where you can keep your stuffs. Best part is it has a tray with water bottle holder. I am very happy. It was my husbands choice.

Dec 09 2019
Non greasy and great fragrance

I loved how it wasnt greasy or oily it was, also the rash cream is quick absorbing, and leave the skin moisturized yet feeling dry, which relieves the uncomfortable greasy feeling inside the diaper. Just a little amount of cream was enough for my baby. And the best part for me is, it has a sweet floral fragrance.

Dec 04 2019
Best for soft and supple skin

Yet again I love the sweet smell that the cream has, the best part is , little bit of portion spreads enough leaving the skin feel soft and supple. For me it's very important to know what goes on my baby's skin, and what can be better if it's a herbal product. I loved it, and my baby loves it too.

Dec 04 2019
By far the best Herbal oil for babies.

Massage oil that doesn't give you a sticky greasy oily feeling. It absorbs nicely in the skin and I didmt had to be worried of the the sheets to be stained with oil. It got absorbed easily into the skin, yes the sweet fragrance is nice but more than anything, I love the fact that its herbal. And I dont have to be worried of any allergies. I would recommend this to all the moms who have an active kid, cause after massage my baby prefers to play, and I would always be worried of she slipping cause if the oil on her feet. But this didnt happen, as the oil was quick absorbing. I am happy that I have a best product for winters now.

Dec 04 2019
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