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monika katiyar
Name:monika katiyar

i am a working woman and mother of 1 year old baby

its jst awsome

I felt difficulty in producing milk when my little one was around 6 months then one of my friend suggested this zandu striveda satavari lactation supplement. i tried a sample and it worked. i was using this powder from almost 3 months. i coudnt find any side effects. milk supply is good.

Feb 12 2020
great product

i am using this for my baby since her birth.. its smell is so refreshing and its so soft for babies.. no sideeffects.. Its a must recommending first and last choice for a baby powder is himalaya herbal baby has a soothing fragrance Himalaya herbals baby powder is not only what i used for my baby girl but what my mother also choose for me when i was litl girl

Feb 12 2020
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