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Jan 14 2021

Does Hot Wheels Led Zeppelin require batteries?

akhil Akki

No, it doesn’t require any batteries.

Feb 03 2021

What material is used to make Centy Toys Ecosport?

akhil Akki

The toy is made of plastic material.

Feb 04 2021

Does Philips Avent Nipple Protector stay firmly?


Yes, it stays on firmly when placed properly. You can apply warm water to the rim of the protector to ensure a firm fitting.

Jan 21 2021

Does R for Rabbit Manual Breast Pump easily fit any feeding bottle?


No, the breast pump only fits that particular feeding bottle.

Jan 09 2021

Can I control the camera lens of Boifun Baby Monitor remotely?

akhil Akki

Yes, you can control the camera from 0 to 360 degrees horizontally and 0 to 70 degrees vertically.

Jan 29 2021

Are Pigeon Chamomile Wipes unscented?


Yes, the wipes are fragrance-free and alcohol-free.

prashanthi matli


Jan 10 2021

Are Morisons Baby Dreams Wipes alcohol-based?


Alcohol makes the skin dry and causes irritation. Hence, these wipes are formulated alcohol-free.

Jan 27 2021

Can a newborn use Johnson's Baby Wipes?

Yes, the wipes are specially formulated for infants.

Jan 03 2021

Is Munchkin Bristle Brush available in different colors?

Sohel Sheikh

Yes, the brush is available in green, pink, and blue.

Jan 02 2021

Is Nestle Cerelac Banana Wheat Cerelac gluten-free?

akhil Akki

No, the cerelac is not gluten-free.

Dec 03 2020

Does Dermadew Baby Cream improve the complexion?


The cream is formulated to protect from diaper rashes and reduce irritation caused by diapers. It does not affect the complexion.

Dec 06 2020

Can I heat KLF Nirmal Baby Coconut Oil?

Akhi Ji

Yes, you can warm the oil and apply it to the baby's body.

Dec 06 2020

What material is used to make Alva Baby Swim Diapers?

The diapers are made of polyester mesh material.

Dec 01 2020

Is California Super Sensitive Body Wash available in different sizes?

Akshay Maji

Yes, the body wash is available in 215 ml, 562 ml, half-gallon (approx. 1.9 liters), and one gallon (approx. 3.8 liters).

Oct 04 2020

Is Deals India Caterpillar And Ball Soft Toy Combo washable?

Yes, the toys are washable.

Oct 02 2020

Is Gooyo Multifunctional Musical Bouncer Cum Rocker have a washable seat pad?


Yes, the rocker comes with the washable seat pad.

Oct 02 2020

Can we remove the mattress placed inside the swing.

Yes, we can safely remove the mattress from Infanto Star Swing.

Sep 11 2020

Can I use LuvLap 3 Way Baby Carrier Galaxy for 2.5 months old?


No, the carrier is designed for babies who are aged above 6 months. Infants can not position their head correctly; hence, it is not advisable to use this carrier.

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