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Meghashree cr
Name:Meghashree cr

I'm a homemaker with two kids

Very needed all babies

Its a amazing product which help babies to Stay dry and Comfortable all the way and sizes are writ too,no leakage,no rashes and no heaviness for babies.pampers ultra soft pants are clinically proven and I trusted this brand and used for my daughter and my son also and its very easy to use and discard.

Feb 27 2020
This is awesome product

Im mother of two kids i have been using this product over a years,its safe for kids,himalyas powder we like it because love the smooth texture and it herbal,its free from synthetic color, refresh the baby and keep the baby skin cool and avoide from rashes and keep the skin dry and clinical tested its safe,gentle and pure.I love to use it for my kids..

Feb 19 2020
This is awesome product

This is awesome product,my son love to use this and all puppy walker help kids to walk and balance themselves and attractive to little eyes, fisher price product are good quality and certified we specially love use for kids,this fisher price puppy walker is so helpfull for little one to walk.

Feb 19 2020
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