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Mandeep Kaur
Name:Mandeep Kaur

Double Parent to a 3 year old angel card reader and switchword creator and teacher.

Best powder i have ever come accross

The very first product i started using on my babys skin is Himalaya Baby we all know Himalaya Brand doesnt need any introduction . Its the best natural brand for babies soft skin.ans using this powder for my baby brings freshness and smile on her face.the smell is mild and its best to observe sweat.

Dec 14 2019
Trusted baby massage oil

We mom start massaging our kids from the day they are born.i would say as they start walking more massage is required bcoz my baby runs a lot and at night she has only one sentence in her mouth...Mumma's leg is paining .so I tried this oil which is a mixture of sweet almond oil and olive oil and it was a relief for my baby.she slept peacefully.i would recommend this oil to all the kids out there from the early stage so their bones would be stronger forever.

Dec 12 2019
No Rashes....Happy Bums

As I use diaper for my baby its obvious to have rashes. Being a mom can't see her in discomfort bcoz of this.i used many products but recently came across this lotus herbal baby Happy Bums Diaper Rash Creme and would recommend it to every mom out there who gets worried bcoz of seeing your baby in pain due to rashes. It's completely natural .... No chemicals used in this so can imagine how wonderful it would be on your baby's soft skin. Its made up of calendula extract which soothes the skin of baby .must buy for every mom.

Dec 12 2019
Must have for your baby

As winters have arrived the first thing i got worried is about my baby's skin. as we all know moisturizer is so important. lotus baby Lotion is best without leaving greasiness on their skin. it makes soft skin and the best part is its chemical free and completely natural. Now by using this lotion to my baby I am very relaxed about her skin. must have for every mom for their baby.

Dec 11 2019
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