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Madhu Badra
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Madhu Badra
Jan 16 2021

Does the Ineffable Baby Carrier come with a waist belt?

Yes, the carrier comes with a waist belt.

Madhu Badra
Jan 07 2021

Can I fold the Kolcraft Stroller?

Nisha Agarwal

Yes, you can fold the stroller with a single hand.

Madhu Badra
Nov 08 2020

How long can I use Earth Mama Angel Bottom Spray?


The spray can be used until the bottom is healed. You can start using the spray one week after delivery. However, we advise consulting a doctor before using a peri-spray.

Madhu Badra
Nov 15 2020

Does Zest 4 Toyz Bubble Shooter require batteries?

Kruti Shah

Yes, the shooter requires 2 AA batteries to display light and sound.

Madhu Badra
Oct 03 2020

How many batteries does the Toyshine Sunshine Horse Mini Wooden Rocker require?


It requires 3 AA batteries to play the music.

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