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Likitha Jaju
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Likitha Jaju
Oct 17 2020

Is Aveeno Sun Protection cream suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, the cream is suitable for all skin types.

Likitha Jaju
Nov 06 2020

Will Vigni Stretch Mark Oil help to reduce saggy belly?

Monisha Sarkar

Yes, the oil is formulated to reduce the stretch marks and tighten the saggy belly muscles.

Likitha Jaju
Dec 11 2020

What material is used to make the Magicwand Musical Toy?

The toy is made of non-toxic plastic material.

Likitha Jaju
Sep 18 2020

What material is used to make Riddhi Siddhi Shower Cap?


The cap is made of foam material.

Likitha Jaju
Aug 14 2020

Are Pur Long Handle Spoons available in different colors?

Monisha Sarkar

Yes, the spoon is available in pink, purple, blue, and yellow.

Likitha Jaju
Aug 28 2020

Can I wash the seat of the Newnik Butterfly Walker?

Sahaja Krishnan

Yes, you can safely wash the seat of the walker. It is washable.

Likitha Jaju
Aug 22 2020

Is Adore Bottle Cleaning Kit available in different colors?

Yes, the cleaning kit is available in pink, blue, and yellow.

Likitha Jaju
May 07 2020

Is Novalou Diaper Rash Cream safe to use?


Yes, the diaper rash cream is free from parabens, silicones, and alcohol.

Likitha Jaju
Jul 17 2020

Can Desitin Daily Defense cream be used on acne and pimples?

Likitha Jaju

No, the cream is suitable for diaper rashes?

Likitha Jaju
Aug 21 2020

Can Cetaphil Baby Massage Oil be used in summer?

Yes. The massage oil can be used in every season.

Likitha Jaju
Jul 17 2020

Is Cetaphil Moisturising cream suitable for combination skin?

Meera Sethi

Yes, the cream is suitable for all skin types.

Likitha Jaju
Jul 22 2020

Can I use Bembika Knitted Cartoon Prop for 2-years-olds?

The prop fits infants of 0 to 12 months only.

Likitha Jaju
Jul 28 2020

What material is used to make Bembika Newborn Master Chef Costume?

The costume is made of cotton material.

Likitha Jaju
Jun 25 2020

Can I use Chicco No Tears Shampoo for dry and curly hair?

Reethu Jain

Yes, the shampoo can safely be used for dry and curly hair.

Likitha Jaju
Jun 06 2020

Can we detach the hanging toys from Applique Twist N Fold Activity Gym?


Yes, you can safely remove the toys from the activity gym.

Likitha Jaju
Jun 17 2020

Does Disney Swimming Vest Mickey Print work even if one air chamber fails?


Yes, the vest works good even if one air chamber is empty without air.

Likitha Jaju
Jun 17 2020

Is Barbie Wooden Carrom Board made of pure wood?


The carrom board is made of MDF wood material.

Likitha Jaju
May 27 2020

Can we wash the Jaggu Soft Toy?

Yes, you can machine-wash the soft toy.

Likitha Jaju
Apr 23 2020

What material is used to make Babyhug Diaper Bag With Changing Mat?

Neha Krishnan

The bag is made of nylon material.

Likitha Jaju
Jul 23 2020

How many side pockets do Vouch Amazona Sachel Mother Bag With Changing Mat have?

Sultana Sultana

The bag has one main compartment, one front slip pocket, one rear magnetic button pocket, but no side pockets.

Likitha Jaju
Sep 23 2020

Is Medela Spare Teats dishwasher-safe?


Yes, the teat is dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

Likitha Jaju
Apr 15 2020

Is my baby safe inside the New Natraj Cocoon Baby Cradle?

Geeta Ghokule

The cradle is designed with safety harness belts that protect your baby inside the cradle.

Likitha Jaju
Apr 22 2020

Does Mee Mee Baby Cradle With Swing And Mosquito Net come with auto swing?


No, the cradle has manual swing only.

Likitha Jaju
Apr 16 2020

Is Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion suitable for dry skin?

Devika Sharma

The lotion is suitable for all skin types, and it has oatmeal that locks the moisture preventing the dry skin.

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