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Dec 05 2020

Can I remove the head support pillow of Cheesy Cheeks Bather?

Yes, you can attach and detach the head support pillow easily from the bather.

Nov 06 2020

Can I sterilize the Munchkin Pacifier Clip?

Yes, you can safely sterilize the Munchkin Pacifier Clip by cleaning it properly.

Nov 08 2020

Does Mee Mee Thick Bristled Brush come with a protection cover?


No, the brush doesn't come with a protective cover like other different brands.

Sep 03 2020

Is R for Rabbit Zig Zag Baby Walker Anti Fall Safe available in different colors?

Yes, the walker is available in combinations of red & green, yellow & blue.

Jul 08 2020

Is R for Rabbit Lullabies The Auto Swing Baby Cradle available in different colors?

The cradle is available in blue, cream, and pink.

Jul 17 2020

Is Babyhug Playpen Cum Baby Cot available in different colors?

Vasu Khan

Yes, the Playpen Cum Baby Cot available in blue, grey, and pink.

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