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Vicks Baby rub ointment

This is the amazing formula you can use on daily basis to your kid. You can always apply on feets, chest, back and even on nose.. it gives instant relief from cold and cough. Keeps baby warm and gives a nice sleep. I have been using it since 6 months. Whenever my baby feels little cough and cold I use this rub and its good to go if you don't use other harsh things on baby..

Feb 13 2020
Amazing nourishment and gentle

I have been using this shampoo for my baby since 10+ months. Every product of Himalaya suits my baby's skin and hair. This shampoo is so mild and nourishing. I use once a week and it keep my baby's hairs smooth and hydrated. It's tearless formula is amazing. My baby never cries while shampooing.

Feb 13 2020
Amazing Baby powder I have came across.

My baby is 10+ months old. Since his birth I am using Himalaya baby powder for him. I have tried other two Brad's but they didn't suit my baby's skin. But this Himalaya baby powder is amazing. It prevents my baby from skin problems. keeps my baby fresh and odour free. Powder smells good and doesn't give any reaction to skin. Suits to sensitive skin too. Till now I haven't noticed a single problem using it. I will definitely recommend this to everyone..

Feb 13 2020
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