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Khushbu S
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Valuable for baby

I am using this for my baby since 2 years and i didn't find any cons of it. Very comforting for my son. I can say that must buy for your little one in every summer. My baby does not have any rashes n feeling fresh. My baby had diaper rashes problem in summer time so i started using it n after that i didn't face this problem again. I can say must buy for your baby. Prise is little higher then other baby powder but totally worthy against them too

Dec 24 2019

I really like it. Whose child is ignoring bath. This is perfect for them.just use it in warm water n make bubbles for your baby. I found more bubbles in it compared other harm at all in my baby 's gentle skin in fact where he takes bath frequently his skin becomes very smooth. Really like it totally worthy..

Dec 24 2019

it depends on u that if u can carry your baby cause after some time back pain is starting. in that case baby also not comfortable. so it is usefull till your baby has less weight.self experience

Sep 24 2019
not good for long time

this is good but if you want your baby wear it all day..start to teaching on baby's skin. I already tried so I know that. if u want your baby wear it 2 or 3 hours then it is ok

Sep 24 2019
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