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Feb 12 2021

What material is used to make Marvel Legends Doctor Strange?


The doll is made of plastic material.

Jan 22 2021

Is Little Pumpkin Baby Carrier available in different colors?

Rashmi Bhatia

Yes, the carrier is available in cream, maroon, and grey.

Jan 14 2021

Can my baby sleep comfortably in Mothertouch Pram DX?


Yes, the pram reclines in a flat position that helps your baby to sleep comfortably.

Jan 17 2021

Does Little Soft Baby Wipes have a fragrance?

KM Murali

The wipes have a mild fragrance.

Jan 03 2021

Does Pampers Diaper Pants prevent leakage?

Uma Mahe

Yes, the diaper pants turn liquid into a gel that prevents leakage.

Jan 03 2021

What is the expiry date of Enfagrow A+ Vanilla?

Pallab Chatterjee

The expiry date of the powder is 18 months from MFD.

Dec 13 2020

Does Kitchen Mart Steel Feeding Bottle have any measurement markings?

Nayan agg

No, the bottle does not come with any measurement markings.

Dec 13 2020

Is Fisher Price Food Feeder dishwasher-safe?


Yes, you can place the feeder in the top rack of the dishwasher

Dec 06 2020

Is A Baby Cherry Bib available in different colors?

Neha Ayan

Yes, the bib comes in green and yellow.

Dec 03 2020

Is Philips Avent Spout Cup available in different colors?

Vishnuvardhan Vangala

Yes, the cup is available in combinations of pink & purple and blue & green.

Dec 04 2020

What material is used to make Burnn Adjustable Shower Cap?

Vyshnavi Iyer

The cap is made of EVA foam material.

Dec 03 2020

Is Pigeon Children Toothpaste available in different sizes?

Sushma Bindu

Yes, the toothpaste available in quantities of 45 g, 50 g, 90 g, and 135 g.

Dec 04 2020

Is Vicks Baby Rub a moisturizer?

Pallavi Karekar

No, the baby rub is formulated to inhale during a cold.

Nov 15 2020

Does Maxbell Banana Toothbrush Teether come with a protective box?


Yes, the toothbrush has a protective box.

Nov 15 2020

Can Palmer's Baby Lotion be applied to a baby's face?


The lotion is formulated to be applied for the face and body.

Nov 15 2020

Is Earth Mama Angel Nipple Butter safe for babies?

Manju kothari

Yes, the cream is safe as it is formulated lanolin-free. It is not necessary to wash the cream before nursing your little one.

Nov 08 2020

What material is used to make Yamama Rock Crawler Toy?


The wheels are made of rubber material.

Nov 01 2020

Can Omved Mrudu Ayurvedic Soap be used for baby hair?

Yes, it can be used occasionally. However, it is ideal to use a baby shampoo for baby hair.

Oct 03 2020

What material is used to make Minions Basket Ball Set?

It is made of PVC material.

Oct 03 2020

Can a 3-year-old use Toyshine Sunshine Horse Mini Wooden Rocker?

Lavjibhai Goyani

Yes, the rocker is suitable for a 3-years-old.

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