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Kalpana Mittal
Name:Kalpana Mittal

Mommy of 2 angels SamairašŸ‘§ and DakshikašŸ‘§.Parenting | influencer | travel | food | reviews šŸ“§

Perfect bottle to switch from breastfeed

It was very difficult for me to switch my baby from breastfeed to formula feed. I have tried many brands and products but nothing works, then I ordered philips avent as its nipple just look like mothers feed and also very soft and it works. Now using it from 6 months and yes its broad and soft teat feels just like mom to my baby and it doesn't cause any colic or discomfort that all other feeding bottles have. Very easy to clean.Completely happy with the product, and recommend it to all.



Odourless nipples

Good capacity of the bottle

Good grip of the bottle

Bottle is not easily breakable

Aug 18 2020
Mat with puzzle

Cushiony soft mat that can be used as puzzle for kids. Material is very soft. It is dotted from one side and plain from other side. Completely safe for our toddler. Helps to improve hand eye coordination and sensory motor skills of the kids. They can learn while playing on the mat. Alphabets and numbers are removable thus helps to recognize and learn them.



Multi-sensory toys

Special features

Aug 18 2020
Favorite toy

It was the very first toy of my baby when she born and now it is her favorite one. Whenever I bring this to her, she left all the stuff and play with it for hours. And when it comes about bath time, it is always her bath companion. Can't think of having bath without it.No need to worry about hot water. It can do it for you. And tell you when it is ok for your baby. You can leave alone your baby with it, completely a safe toy, very soft and very fine quality.



Easy Grip

Quality Rubber

Water Tight

Affordable Price

Mildew Resistant

Great Comfort

Dec 29 2019
Soft and sponge

Babyhug is one of my favorite brand for kids goods.its products are always very reliable. Whenever I see the brand name of product, I can say that it's quality will be good.The ball is very colorful and soft. Completely safe for your little ones. Feather quality is very fine and free from any kind of lint. You can leave your kids playing with it for hours. Go ahead guys and try this, I am sure that your kids will love it. If you find my review helpful then pls press the helpful button. Thanx



Soft huggable body

Machine washable


Dec 09 2019
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