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Ipsita Sinha
Name:Ipsita Sinha


Perfect hair care solution for dull and stressed hair

Recently I got my hands on this amazing product, apple cider vinegar shampoo, and surprisingly it acts as a protective haircare method to treat my dull and stressed hair. My hair started shining, became flowy and breakage problem also got reduced. This detox formula for hair with all natural actives made my hair look healthier than before. It has a beautiful fragrance and clears my scalp as well.

Mar 09 2021
A wonder coconut oil for my son

I have started using KLF extra virgin coconut oil on my son's body before bathing and before going to sleep. It is so mild and gentle for him with amazing results. This chemical free pure coconut oil helps my son's skin to stay soft and supple as he has dry skin. Earlier he had some fungal infection, for which he had white marks on his hands and legs. Using KLF coconut oil, those marks are getting lighter and vanishing slowly. I am very happy with this product and recommend all to go for this coconut oil for the sensitive and all types of baby's skin. Mothers can rely on it as it is safe and has lauric acid that increases immunity. It is edible so, if it goes into your baby's mouth, it is totally okay 👍It comes with a baby friendly bottle with two types of cap.



Very mild but very effective

Immediate results



Baby-friendly bottle & cap


Fast-absorbing formula



No added perfume or fragrance

Oct 01 2020
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