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Insha Hashimi
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Good for growth

Dabur lal tail is good for babies. It helps in strengthening muscles. Daily massage with dabur lal tail improves in blood circulation. It makes the baby healthy and strong. It is a good oil which keeps baby warm in winters. Massaging baby with dabur lal tail makes baby sleeps very well.

Dec 16 2019
Comfort & Cozy!

The babyhug hooded wrapper is very comfortable. My one-month-old baby boy feels very cozy, warm and comfortable when wrapped in this. I washed it in and it's still the same. No color or size changed. Babies feel very relaxed when wrapped in such wrapper and it makes them very calm.

Dec 03 2019

This mamaearth berry blast toothpaste is very nice. It has a very good strawberry flavor, which is a kids' favorite. Kids actually enjoyed brushing their teeth with this yummy and tasty berry blast toothpaste. Now no more tension in brushing teeth. Mommies get this toothpaste for your young ones and enjoy it.

Dec 02 2019
Gentle and Mild!!

A very good shampoo for babies. It's very gentle and mild. I used it on my 1month old baby boy and had a better result. It's tear-free, which is best for babies. This mamaearth shampoo had a natural fragrance which is very mild. A must buy shampoo for every baby. It doesn't cause any harsh effects on the baby's skin. As their skin is very soft, so one can opt for this mamaearth shampoo for kids.

Dec 02 2019
Happy Bath time!!

This mamaearth body wash deeply nourishes the skin. I used it on my 1month old baby boy and he enjoys it. Mommies make bath time a happy bath by using this mamaearth body wash. It is very gentle and tear-free. Specially made for small kids. I loved this product!!

Dec 02 2019
Easy baby toy!

I love this product. Baby hug is a nice company which provides good quality product for kids. This Baby hug play gym is easy to use and manage. Kids really love to play with such kinds of toys.. Specially newborn baby to 18months old kids. It is good toy for them

Oct 11 2019
Kids favourite!

Baby hug is a very nice company which provides good quality products for baby. This play gym fold activity toy is a must have for every kid. It also has a baby hug soft baby pillow which is specially designed for new born babies. Which keeps the head in a perfect shape.

Oct 11 2019
Mommies must buy!

I really love this bag. It is very easy to use and manage. While carrying your baby your hands are free with this backpack. It looks stylish and trendy. It has waterproof surface. Many pockets are also given to put stuffs. An insulated side pocket is also available with this bag.

Oct 11 2019
A must have for new born!

This wooden hamilton baby cot is a must have product for every new born baby. As the baby enjoys easy and comfortable sound sleeps in this wooden hamilton cot. It also has a mosquito net, which protects the baby from mosquito bites. You can change the bed sheets of your own.

Oct 11 2019
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